It’s the time of the year when companies look into their crystal ball to see what’s in store for next year. Our Toronto Digital Marketing Firm, is no different, and has done some research and has come up with 7 predictions that you should be watching out for in 2015 when it comes to online marketing.


1. Increased Focus On The Mobile Experience

This year, it became more than obvious that Google is placing major emphasis on mobile usability. Google has been testing mobile friendly icons next to its search results as well as adding a section in Google Webmaster Tools dedicated to mobile usability. The mobile usability section of Webmaster Tools allows site owners to see how their site performs on mobile devices. As well, Google has been penalizing sites that are generating errors for mobile users. This trend will continue into 2015.

2. Public Relations Will Emerge As The New SEO

No one really knows what the search engine scene will look like once Google implements their new algorithm updates. As a result, there is a large amount of indecision among SEO experts about how to carry on their online marketing efforts. Companies that have depended on SEO for leads in the past are left wondering if they still will be able to depend on those tactics that once brought them success.

In 2015, Public Relations is expected to emerge as the new SEO. Many of the practices and skills the former has are going to be useful to the latter. Both PR and SEO will, however, remain separate entities. The key to success is to create a balanced relationship where PR and SEO will feed off each other.

Some of the reasons why SEO is moving towards a Public Relations Future:
• SEO is strict when it comes to the quality and quantity of links and content. PR experts know where to seek authoritative relationships businesses need to help gain authority in the eyes of search engines.

• Social Media Marketing and Social Networking is an important component of SEO. PR experts are already aware of how to use social media to get influencers to promote quality content.

• Public Relations specialists also know how to attract the right audience to a certain website, helping webmasters minimize bounce rate and increase CTR.

3. Content Will Still Be King!

93% of B2B Marketers have utilized content marketing in their online marketing initiatives in 2014. 42% of those who utilized it said their strategy was effective. As content marketing becomes more and more important, a portion of the money previously spent on SEO and traditional marketing will be allocated towards content marketing. [Source: B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks Report]

4. Social Media Ad Spending Will Sharply Increase

As organic reach continues to fall, especially on Facebook, paid advertising is only going to increase in 2015 as businesses struggle to maintain quality traffic and sales from their social media accounts. Twitter, in particular, has just unveiled its new advertising options – payment is triggered by specific actions such as website clicks, app downloads, and email opt-ins. This will be a much more affordable option for small to medium sized businesses on tight budgets.

5. Increased Adoption of Videos

The use of videos for marketing purposes has increased exponentially in the past few years. Videos are often used by businesses to show consumers how their products or services work, in a way that no text or image can. We expect that trend to increase into 2015 as more companies commission more video and make them an integral part of their online marketing strategy.

6. Google+ Will Die Out

In 2015 it’s safe to say that Google may completely kill off Google+ project. The social media platform has little or no effect on your search rankings [Source: SearchEngineWatch]. Google authorship and author rank were unplugged earlier this year. And users rarely sign in to their account unless they have to for business purposes.

7. The Rise of People-Based PPC Advertising

In 2015, we’ll see an increase in the use of Facebook Atlas and other people-based marketing initiatives. This will dramatically change how we think and do PPC Advertising. PPC advertising will feel much more like email marketing and will open up online advertising up to avenues that no one ever thought would be possible before. [Source: WordStream]

One of the best ways for a brand to stand out from the crowd is to be considered an early adopter of new tactics and technologies. Marketing Directors should keep their eye on what’s about to happen so that they get there when it counts. So take some time to do some more research on the marketing trends for 2015 and think about how you can integrate them into your new year’s strategy.

Now we’d like to hear from you. What other marketing trends will take off in 2015?

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