facebook-etiquetteSocial media is a not just a driving force in our everyday life, but one that fits seamlessly into how communication is spread. At the head of the social media realm is Facebook, the leading social media site in the world. Currently 70% of marketers use this social networking platform to gain new customers. As well, nearly 50% of Facebook users named Facebook as its No.1 influencer. Businesses would be foolish not to promote their products or services on Facebook and reap the benefits of the Graph Search.

Whether you’re an experienced social media manager or a business that is starting to build your exposure, you should not lose sight of the etiquettes. We’ve thereby compiled a list of things you need to be prudent about on the social media channel.

1. Over Posting:

When it comes to Facebook, less is more. If you are new to Facebook, it is recommended that you start with one to two posts per week. Posting more than once a day can have an adverse effect on viewer engagement. Remember, the average user likes 4 to 6 pages per month. Your content is constantly fighting for more attention from its fans.

2. Personal Posts:

This point may seem contradictory to the first one. However, being too personal on Facebook is not always a good thing. Followers can be interested in your friendly and welcoming services, but that’s not the main reason why they decided to follow your brand. Every post that you publish on Facebook must serve a purpose and build on your overall business/marketing goals.

3. Cliché Posts:

You might have a Facebook friend who consistently posts things about the same thing over and over again. For instance, let’s say there is one person who is continually posting information about a certain singer. For the fans of the singer, they could be interesting, but for the people who are indifferent to them it will simply be an annoyance. These are what we refer to as Cliché Posts. The same thing applies to your business’s page. Don’t repeatedly publish Cliché Posts on subjects that are considered yesterday’s news. You will surely lose followers.

4. Political Posts:

Often times, we see businesses express their political views on their Facebook page and offer their support to a specific party. What they don’t realize is that it is a prohibitive practice in the book of Facebook etiquettes. Be respectful of others’ opinions, no matter ridiculous they are, and use Facebook as civilly as possible.

5. Too Many Name Changes:

As you may know, the name of our account on Facebook can be easily altered whenever we desire and some businesses change it excessive without thinking of the adverse effects it can have on their branding. Changing your name continuously will not only confuse your followers, but annoy them as well.

6. Hashtag Abuses:

We’re officially in an era of too many hashtags. Nearly three-quarters of social media users stick them in posts. There are two types of hashtag abuses – 1) #When #people #tag #every #word #in #a #sentence and 2) a single coherent phrased followed by a number of nonsense hashtags (i.e. Today is June 25, 2014. #Today #Tomorrow #TodayEvents). You are missing the point of social media marketing when involving yourself in these kinds of abuses.

7. Vaguebooking:

Vaguebooking is when a person/company deliberately posts a vague Facebook status update that prompts friends to ask what’s going on. I would just like to add, that as a way to get attention it may very well work, but it mostly just annoys people and will get a high bounce rate to you website. Examples include things like “I wonder if it’s worth it” and “Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend.”

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