In the following article, our Digital Marketing Intern, Alessa Brauckmann, explores the 7 ways in which technology and social media is influencing us.


1. Phonographs Changed the Standard Length of Music

Thomas Edison is the inventor of the phonograph and it’s thanks to him that we are able to listen to music wherever and whenever we want. Unfortunately, the invention ushered in the downfall of classic music. The machine was only able to record a certain length of music. As a result, long pieces of music, such as Classic Music became out of fashion. We are now so used to songs that are 5 minutes or less in length that we get bored if we have to listen to ones that are longer.


2. Radio Listeners are Less Critical of Content

Did you know that most people do not criticize a message as harshly when they hear it on the radio? By nature, humans are very critical beings and instantly look for someone’s flaws. Since we do not see people on the radio, we cannot judge them by their looks and expressions.


3. People Exposed to Black & White Televisions are Still Dreaming Without Colour

According to a study conducted by psychologist Eva Murzyn, the introduction of TV made people temporarily dream in black and white. Murzyn compared old dream studies with the latest ones. She discovered that with the invention of colour TV, the dreams changed back to colour. Older people that used to watch black and white TV in their childhood still dream without colour 25% of the time because of the way their brain was able to store information.


4. Frequent Use of Mobile Phones Can Make Us Ill

This may come as a shock to some. Every once in a while we read new articles about how dangerous electronic devices are. A newer study published now links frequent use of mobile to the risk of depressions. The pressure that we always have to be available can make us sick and suffer from lack of sleep. It’s important to take a break from your beloved cellphone and relax once in a while!


5. The Internet Changed Our Way of Reading

Not only is the internet influencing the way we work but also the way we read. We are not reading articles from beginning to end anymore. We are simply scanning for keywords and the necessary information. In order to educate the younger generations about the consequences of scanning, it is important for us to show them the value of books and the importance of literacy to work, life, and everyday tasks.


6. Facebook Makes Us Feel Better About Ourselves

Doesn’t this statement make you feel optimistic about using Facebook? Especially after reading studies that are trying to persuade to delete your Facebook account because it leads to depression. Recent studies in the social media realm have found that having social media profiles boosts our image and self confidence. Facebook permits you to create the “perfect you” prototype and


7. From Bad Boy to Saint

Playing video games is fun and from time to time they require the player to slip into the role of the bad guy(s). The Player is required to “shoot someone” or “steal” in order to win the video game. the games are so real nowadays that often it leaves one with feelings of guilt because they “feel” they did something wrong. Studies have found that this has led to creating a strong moptivation to “behave better” in real life. So next time if your kid wants to play an ego shooter game, let him/her. Maybe it will subconsciously promote a sense of “social altruism” in him/her.

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