Every year, the iRISEmedia team votes for a viral marketing campaign that deserves special recognition. The WestJet “Christmas Miracle” received a unanimous vote:

More than 250 passengers on Calgary-bound flights arrived at Toronto & Hamilton airports as unknowing participants in WestJet’s “Christmas miracle”. The airline had a virtual Santa ask passengers what they wanted for Christmas as they prepared for check-in. While the flights were en route, 175 volunteers gathered gifts from various shops.

When the passengers arrived at the Calgary airport, the baggage carousel delivered beautifully wrapped gifts for each of the passengers.

This video, which quickly spread through social media channels, exceeded the company’s goal of 200,000 views on Monday, December 9, and has reached over 1 million views the next day. On their blog, WestJet mentioned they would give away holiday flights to a family in need if the company hit its goal.

Kudos to WestJet and their digital agency.

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