1316093076Findings from the 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report illustrates how marketers are using social media to achieve their goals and highlight brands in a highly competitive context. The report clearly shows how business owners have adopted social media as a strategy to improve their businesses.

Social media marketing is now integrated with traditional marketing plans for 79% of marketers who answered the survey. Seeking to combine social media marketing and conventional advertising for optimal results, they can follow the ideas of others or come up with creative ones able to help businesses with customer bases over the internet.

According to the report, increasing exposure is the number one benefit of having a social media marketing strategy and this certainly stimulates the growing use of online communities among businesses of all sizes. Small and medium sized-businesses have to overcome barriers constantly and a cohesive social media marketing strategy can provide the right tools that will help them grown quickly.

The Key Small Business Statistics published in 2012 points out that 1,100,779 businesses in Canada are classified as small. In addition, Canadians are so highly engaged with social media that it is estimated that fully 53% of the population will have joined social media channels by 2014. This scenario illustrates the importance of having an efficient social media marketing strategy for local businesses interested in increasing sales and visibility.

For most successful businesses in Canada, having a social media marketing strategy has gone from an additional action to a “must have”.  By adopting a social media marketing strategy, you will be able to interact more easily with clients, providing capability to provide customer service in real time as well as improve services and campaigns.

An efficient social media marketing strategy will allow you to target the right audience and get the expected results from your advertising initiatives.  Also, the cost to implement a social media marketing strategy is relatively low when compared to other traditional types of media.

iRISEmedia is an online advertising company specialized in SEO, social media marketing and online branding. Our team helps clients increase their reach and profitability by developing a customized and targeted social media marketing strategy. We service clients in Toronto, Ontario and throughout Canada as well as globally.

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