main_imageOne of the most interesting things about Search Engine Optimization is how “real” SEO works. How it organically flows into one thing and turns up somewhere else.

On July 2, 2013 in Toronto, Canada a valuable member of the iRISEmedia team posted a video on our website. We are a digital media agency; this is what we do. We offer many digital media solutions for businesses/websites worldwide.

What was intriguing about this video post was 6-year-old Aaralyn screams her original song, “Zombie Skin” – on America’s Got Talent. It was the oddest thing to witness; children, metal music and an adorable child scream a song. It was like a train wreck, you couldn’t/wouldn’t take your eyes off it.

After 38 seconds Howard Stern hit the button, Mel B followed suit and Howie Mandel stood up asking Stern, “Why did you buzz”? Howard Stern replies, “I don’t want her to hurt her voice” (at this point many members of the audience are standing and clapping). He then explains why he buzzed, to the performers and us the audience. Why “us” the audience you ask? Because we watched it on YouTube, a popular social media platform viewed by billions daily. If there were no such thing as YouTube the over 13 million viewers of this video to date would never have had the honor of witnessing such a moment. This is similar to the X Factor episode when Simon Cowell was stunned by Susan Boyle’s first audition.

How does real SEO tie into all of this YouTube social media business? This video moment was real. It was natural, heartfelt and it touched us. Seeing 6 yr. old Aaraylyn pout when the music stopped made us pout. Waiting on Stern’s tie breaking vote and hearing him say “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…I’m going to send you there” and see her smile, was priceless. This is what makes us human in a digital media world.

This video was posted on YouTube on June 25, 2013. iRISEmedia posted this video on July 2, 2013. 2 days later we did a Google search using the keywords, “SEO Americas Got Talent.” No, iRISEmedia didn’t show up when we Googled “Americas Got Talent”, perhaps after we post this article it will. A digital media company can only hope. iRISEmedia came up after 4 Americas Got Talent YouTube videos. Just in case you are wondering our competitors and such held the remaining 5 positions. There is nothing wrong with coming up position #5 on page 1 of Google after YouTube.


iRISEmedia puts the “Real” back into SEO Real Estate

It gets better, four days later we did the same Google search and iRISEmedia is on page 1 of Google holding position #1…prime SEO real estate.

Last week it was enough to follow YouTube on a Google search. See what happens when you show some appreciation, all of a sudden our website is #1 and YouTube is positions #2 to #6. Not too shabby for a video post.


Welcome to the Digital Media World of SEO

Tip #1 – Don’t reinvent the wheel
Tip #2 – Play by Google’s rules
Tip #3 – Write fresh and interesting content, meta tag it properly and then manually backlink it

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