albert einsteinA math quiz which was first assumed to be for fifth grade students turned out to be a social media puzzle that caught the attention of bloggers, news channels and online users across the globe. The question asks to solve a math problem based on three simple statements and with ten possible dates. After you follow the steps in the picture it should be a simple elimination challenge. It turns out that the test is a part of the Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad test that targets the top 40% of the student population. Don’t get discouraged though, since everybody is breaking their brains over it we would suggest that you give it a shot as well.

Kenneth, who posted the problem on Facebook, told the BBC: “It’s a really difficult question for younger kids, so that’s why people were so shocked at first… but now that people know it’s for older students, they just think it’s quirky.”

Organizers of the math test commented on Facebook: “We think it is important to clarify so that Singapore parents will not start to worry so much… This is a difficult question meant to sift out the better students”

math problem social media

How did a school test for kids engage so many people online?

Online users are actively sharing their answers on social media and engaging in a discussion. Social media posts on Facebook and Twitter are indicating that there is still some disagreement over the correct answer even though the answer has been released by Kenneth on his Facebook page. It shows once again the magnitude of social media and the effect one post can have on thousands of people all over the world. By being creative with posts on Facebook and other social media platforms you can create viral effect and spread message to your target audience.

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