There is no greater blessing for a parent than to name a baby. Baby Facebook’s proud parents not only had this honor they made a political and social media statement while doing so. Social media changes lives.

As a side point emphasizing how powerful Social Media is, we recently wrote about a poor homeless guy, Ted Williams, who landed a job and basically was able to resurrect his life through Social Media in a similar manner that Social Media took down Mubarak’s 29 year reign as President of Egypt.”

The Egyptian couple named their first born daughter Facebook Jamal Ibrahim, reports TechCrunch, according to
Al-Ahram (one of the most popular newspapers in Egypt). This is in no small part due to their gratitude towards Facebook in that it was the key player in Hosni Mubarak’s abdication of his presidency after 29 years in power in Egypt.

What an honor to bestow on a company. What an honor to the team at Facebook for being apart of the revolution in Egypt 2011. The social media big wig Facebook, has changed lives in Egypt, Facebook will go down in history, yet again.

Facebook’s parents, as they will be referred to for the rest of their lives and I don’t mean Mark Zuckerberg, let’s refer to him as Facebook’s “G-d Father” if you will – are two of the many Egyptian’s who are overjoyed with the baby naming and the social media giants.

There have been many articles written about this topic and I read a couple of pages of comments on a couple of the articles. The common thread is what kind of name is Facebook for a girl, poor thing. The revolution in Egypt is only the beginning of the current crisis in the Middle East and all people can say is what kind of name is that? Do people really believe this is what Baby Facebook’s family and friends are going to call her? Haven’t people heard of having a first name, a second name and parents calling their child by the second name?

While the baby girl could just have easily been called “YouTube,” “Twitter” “Google” or even “Cellphone Camera,” it seems like Facebook has become the umbrella symbol for how social media can spread the message of freedom. There are countless manefestation of this, the above graffiti in Cairo, “Thank you Facebook” protest sign, and Wael Ghonim himself personally expressing his gratitude to Mark Zuckerberg on CNN. (reports TechCrunch)

Who knows what the future holds, perhaps Baby Facebook will be the face of Facebook.

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