mobile marketingMore and more companies are becoming aware of the importance of mobile marketing in their online marketing strategy. Experts are saying that local search will be performed with mobile devices more than with desktops by 2015. Accordingly, it is important to know how people are using their mobile devices to create a good strategy for commencing an efficient mobile marketing campaign.

According to a survey based on people in Toronto, Canada, they are most likely to search with their mobile phone for shopping, and then food and beverage come next. The least likely category to be searched using a mobile phone is travel and lodging, followed by home and garden. Desktops seem to be more suitable for now to look for information about the latter categories.

Other useful information in designing a mobile marketing strategy is regarding the type of keyword people use for research: general description or specific term. Most people use both, but there is a certain tendency depending on the category. For example, compared to other categories, people are much more likely to search specific business names as keywords in searching “transportation” and “automotive” websites. Home and garden are searched with general description more often. This is important not only for your mobile marketing, but for SEO in your online marketing strategy.

The online marketing industry is dynamic and it is vital for companies to stay on top of the latest trends. Especially, the mobile marketing field is changing all the time. One of the ways to follow the trend is paying attention to young adults who are usually considered as early adopters. They are the main demographic who “check-in” with social networks or apps to get coupons and discounts or other interesting information, while 64% of those who have never “checked in” are over the age of 34. Mobile devices are becoming “computer-ish”, but they have many unique elements that desktops don’t. It is important to be creative and try to fill the current gaps in order to implement an innovative and successful mobile marketing strategy.

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