1316093076Social media has become a huge industry. In the world of web marketing, a social media strategy is crucial. More and more companies are incorporating social media into their marketing strategy every day. And the reason for this is that it works!

  • 91% of companies today have a minimum of one social media platform
  • 80% of companies today have their website on a social media site

Google has 200,000,000 searches performed every single day. Google now uses social media engagement as one of its criteria in assessing a high search engine ranking for a website. If you don’t use a social media strategy as one of your marketing strategies you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

How to Use a Social Media Strategy

Below are some simple steps for getting started with a social media strategy.

  1. You need to specify and decide what your objectives and goals are. If you don’t have either, your social media strategy will be a waste of time.
  2. Discover and open a profile on the most suitable and influential social media platform for your business such as Facebook, YouTube, Pintrest and Twitter.
  3. Upload and deliver good quality content to your social media channel(s).
  4. Engage potential users and attract them toward your website.
  5. Develop a relationship with users and stay in touch. It’s all about user engagement.

The most important quality about a social media plan is that it provides you with an opportunity to c communicate daily with your customer; and the information is delivered instantly.

If you need assistance with creating a social media strategy or implementing a web marketing plan, iRISEmedia is an SEO, social media and web marketing company that can help you get started. We are located in Toronto, Ontario and service clients throughout Canada and globally.

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