It’s been a little over a week since Pokémon Go was released in Canada, and the craziness hasn’t died down yet. A lot of people are loving the digital marketing sensation, but there’s a lot of features in the game that are unclear to many. iRISEmedia did research and found answers to the most commonly asked questions. In addition to answering the most frequently asked questions, iRISEmedia also did research into electronics and software company Nintendo. Whose shares took over the news on Monday. The company, who owns just under a third of the Pokémon Company, experienced a major plunge in their stocks.

Common Questions about the Game Answered

How do I log into the game, and can I log in to different devices?
You create an account to play Pokémon Go using your Google account. All your game progress in the game will be linked to this Google account. You can easily switch devices by logging in and out using your Google account.

Do I get a Pokémon to start with?
Yes, once you’ve been given instructions by ‘Professor Willow’ you’ll be able to pick your so-called starter Pokémon. Three different Pokémon’s will appear around you; Bullbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. You can choose which one you want to catch, and then catch it using your Pokéballs. Once you caught one of the three Pokémon the other two will disappear. Don’t want any of the three started Pokémon’s? There’s a secret 4th Pokémon available as well. If you keep walking around and ignore the three starter Pokémon’s at some point Pikachu will show up and you’ll be able to pick him as your starter Pokémon.

I keep seeing the same Pokémon’s, where can I find rare Pokémon?
In order to find rare Pokémon you’ll need to do a lot of walking. Certain Pokémon’s will hang out in specific parts of the city. You’ll find water type Pokémon by the water for example, so the game really triggers people to go out and explore. Another way to get rare Pokémon is by trying to hatch eggs. Eggs can be collected at Pokéstops; once you’ve successfully obtained an egg you can put it in an incubator and you’ll have to walk (2, 5, or 10KM) to get it to hatch. People often find rare Pokémon using these eggs.

What is CP and how can I increase it?
CP is an acronym for combat power. Each Pokémon in your collection will have a specific amount of CP. This amount of CP indicates how well a Pokémon will do during a battle. In order to upgrade the amount of CP that your Pokémon has you’ll need to collect stardust and candy. Stardust is collected every time you catch a new Pokémon, candy is also collected each time you catch a Pokémon as well, but each candy is specific to a certain Pokémon. So the more of the same type Pokémon you catch, the more candy you get, and the more you can upgrade them.

What are ‘gyms’ and what am I supposed to do in them?
You’ll see them pop up all over the city when you open the app, Pokémon gyms. But what are they and how can you use them? Once you reach level 5 you’ll have to pick a team. Once you’ve chosen team you can start “fighting” in the gyms. The more CP your Pokémon have, the more likely you’ll win the gym battles. You can win XP when you win a battle, which will help you get to a higher trainer level more quickly.


Nintendo Loses Billions

After the popular game was released, Nintendo shares went up significantly. The shares went from 14,000 yen to about 31,000 yen as the game kept breaking more and more records. That stock rise didn’t really make sense however, as Nintendo is not the owner of the game. The game is owned by tech company Niantic, and Nintendo itself only owns under one third of the company. A lot of investors thought otherwise, and invested heavily in the company. On July 22nd, Nintendo published a letter to its investors explaining the amount of involvement the company has in Pokémon Go. Most importantly, that they didn’t develop or publish the game. “Because of this accounting scheme, the income reflected on (Nintendo’s) consolidated business results is limited”, the company wrote in the statement. A day after the statement was published; the company’s stocks fell by 18%. A crazy example of how viral digital marketing can even make investors think they should invest in something they should actually not.
The Pokémon Go craziness seems like it’s here to stay, iRISEmedia will keep you updated on any news regarding the digital sensation.

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