We hope you have had the opportunity to read the first 2 articles in our series on alternate forms of advertising in Toronto and the GTA. To bring you up to speed, the days when the only forms of advertising were radio, T.V., print or word of mouth are over. At iRISEmedia.com we believe alternate forms of advertising are “in” and they are here to stay.

With the world revolving around the internet it was only a matter of time before alternate forms of advertising would be the catalyst of on-line advertising.

“Fact: Google is the new Yellow Pages.” (Source:HubspotState of Inbound Marketing Report 2011)

The above quote is a very powerful statement. At irisemedia.com we firmly believe this and have been leveraging this concept for years.

“57% of internet users search the web every day.” (Source: Marketshare.hitslink.com)

When you search the internet users are automatically considered prospective clients because the keywords they are using are indicating what they are looking for. People often search the internet for only things they are interested in. “46% of daily searches are for info on products or services.” (Source: SRI)

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an Alternate Form of Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an alternate form of advertising. When you view a Google page, Pay Per Click (PPC) is at the top (the highlighted area) and right side of the page. When businesses use Pay Per Click (PPC) as an alternate form of advertising they’re paying a price/cost per click every time an internet user clicks on the paid advertisement. This is considered instant gratification; using this form of advertising your company can be on page 1 of Google within 24 hours.

When done correctly Pay Per Click (PPC) is a very effective way for businesses to know quickly which keywords are working for them and which ones are not.

iRISEmedia.com is an online advertising company that focuses on the most powerful alternate forms of advertising being used in the world today. The good news is that these alternate forms of advertising are not only more effective than traditional advertising, they are also remarkably less expensive.


Whether you are located in Toronto, Ontario and the GTA or anywhere in Canada we invite you to contact us at info@irisemedia.com or 1.888.750.4344 for a free website and online advertising analysis.

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