amazon-logoAmazon is excelling in the fast-growing field of eCommerce. It unveiled a new social media strategy this week that will allow users to add items to their shopping basket by mentioning #AmazonCart in their tweet.

The process is simple! All user have to do is link their Twitter accounts with their Amazon account and respond to a product link tweet bearing the hashtag #AmazonCart. Once this is done, they can proceed to checkout and make payment for the items selected. The tweets only add items to the Amazon Cart and isn’t a confirmation for purchase.

Explore the concept of ‘Tweet to Buy’ with this new Amazon promotional video.

For Amazon, this means making the online shopping process more convenient and allowing users to buy more products with the least amount of redirects and clicks.  Amazon is a huge proponent of the three click rule, which suggests that a user of a website should be able to find any information with no more than three mouse clicks. Users of a site will feel frustrated and leave if they cannot find the information they are looking for within the three clicks.

For Twitter, the deal presents only intangible benefits, since the social media giant will not get a cut of any sales.  Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, sees this as an opportunity to gain additional users and increase engagement with their existing ones.  Currently, the social network site is reaching about half of the amount of users they desire, which currently weighs in at 255 million members. This is a concern for Twitter because the current stats are nowhere near the goal they set at the end of 2013; 400 million users. is revolutionizing the way people live with technology. In October 2013, it unveiled the ‘1-Click Ordering’ service that allows shoppers to buy and checkout by clicking one button and the subscription-based Prime delivery service. In December of the same year, the CEO of Amazon, announced that he was moving ahead with his plans to use drones for delivering packages to customers.  We can only speculate on what Amazon will conjure up next.

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