online-marketingTechnology has advanced so much so that many people nowadays choose to advertise their businesses online. An Online business has the power to change lives. Both privately and publicly businesses can gain social media attention via Facebook and Twitter. Here are some tips for starting a new online business including tips for an online strategy that are basic and vital for a business.

A Niche Target

When starting a new business, it is a good strategy to target a niche market. Starbucks was the first coffee shop to offer coffee beans. Dell was the first company that started direct sales of computers. By focusing on targeting your customers, your goal becomes clearer. You will be able to build a strategy for your online business easier.

Leverage Social Media

Once you have established a niche market and know your demographics, you should think about social media platforms. Today, social media is regarded as an essential part of an online strategy. Originally it was designed as a networking tool. Nowadays it is used by individuals as well as brands. Any online business which has a strong social media presence will gain in various ways. It helps find new customers, promote new products and services, advertise employment opportunities and improve customer service.


There is no doubt an online strategy must include SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When people search the Internet for a product or service there are many competing for a position on page one of Google. This is a good reason to aim for a niche market. The fewer competitors there are the more chances your company will have to reach potential clients. Your social media presence also influences the SEO. Google now uses Social Media engagement and interaction as part of their algorithm for deciding who goes on page 1.

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