An Apple iPod that recently overheated caused some delays to a busy Tokyo commuter train, Reuters reported earlier today.

On Friday morning during rush hour, after passengers complained of a strong burning smell, the train was forced to come to a halt, the rail line operator said on Monday.

The delay, which was on Tokyo’s Denentoshi line, lasted eight minutes at around 8:20 a.m. in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward, 17 kilometers from the capital’s centre. During that time, officials investigated the cause of the smell, said a spokesman for Tokyu Corp.

Apple Japan had no immediate comment.

Apple, one of the largest technology companies in the world, has been under scrutiny in Japan since the trade ministry issued orders last month to improve safety warnings following incidents of overheating in its first-gen iPod nano players.

The ministry reported close to 60 similar incidents in Japan, including four involving minor burns. Apple has described the incidents as very rare, placing blame on a certain battery supplier which it has declined to identify.

The model in question of the overheating iPod that recently caused this delay was unknown, the Tokyu spokesman said. Millions of passengers ride the line each day.

This may very well affect Apple’s standing in the Mobile Marketing industry. With the iPhone 4 recently being a flop, and now this, Apple has come under serious heat from consumers and reviewers alike, all of whom chose to go with alternatives, or earlier, cheaper models.

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