Apple greatly contributed to some of the innovations and technology we use today. The iconic iPhone, introduced exactly 10 years ago, was a true revolution and evolution in the world of smartphones. Nowadays, many people walk around with an iPhone in their hand. Apple is ahead of the game, and even though their products are on the expensive side, people from all over the world seem to be willing to pay a premium to own any of these Apple products. This goes to show how Apple’s products are in high demand. In today’s Keynote, Apple introduced their newest products and innovations, coming later this year.

Before the keynote actually started a few glimpses of their new building in the heart of the futuristic Apple Park was shown. This building houses their newest “Steve Jobs Theatre”, dedicated to Steve Jobs and was used for the first time ever for today’s event. Apple honours Steve Jobs and his greatest gift, Apple. He was able to unlock the talent of everyone he worked with. He believed the work-place should inspire talented people to do their work. That’s why Apple Park was created : “today and always, we honour him”.

This means the powerful brains behind Apple now have their own offices. They are planning on moving to the Apple Park later this year. The first step was the opening of the Steve Jobs theatre today, which is built for events just like this one. The Apple Park reflects apple’s values so that teams are inspired in collaboration. Seamless with nature, open and transparent, Apple Park brings the outside in, connecting everyone with nature. Of course, the buildings are powered by 100% renewable energy and are using one of the largest solar installations in the world.


Apple decided to start off the Keynote on an emotional note, first by honouring Steve Jobs, but also by acknowledging the horrible hurricanes that have destructed a lot of countries recently. Tim said their hearts go out to everyone affected by the hurricanes. They’re working with Hand in Hand to relieve and help the victims, and kindly asked to support either through the App store or iTunes.

Here are some of the latest innovations and products Apple plans on launching either this month, or later next year.


They’re innovating their existing stores and turning them into true “Town Squares”. At these shops, everyone is welcome and all of Apple comes together. Apple wants to take the customer experience even further by committing to design and by making things simple and beautiful. In big cities such as New York, Milan and Paris, they’ll create small plazas housing forums inside for people to connect and create together. These buildings will also include Board Rooms for creators and feature ‘Avenues’, carefully curated walls, which will change seasonally to feature new products.

Apple also introduces “Today at Apple”, an in-store experience for people to go even further with their passions. This will include new programs, such as Photo Walks and Teacher Tuesdays, where their teams will help people stay updated with the latest technologies. Since Apple’s envisions everything big, they also will invite local artists, to make it even more fun. All of this will be led by the “Creative Pro” and the feedback has been fantastic so far.

Apple Watch OS4

The Apple Watch has become the number one watch-brand in the world, how crazy is that?! The Apple Watch helps people lead a healthier life, ‘proven’ by the very emotional ‘testimonial’ video Apple played on screen. They decided to add even more features to enhance health and fitness with the new Apple Watch OS4. Apple added new measurements to the heart rate app, which has become the number one tool to measure heartrates. Apple Heart Study will use data from the watch, analyse the rhythm and notify the users. They also added even more fun features. Available September 19.

Apple Watch Series 3

Here follows an even bigger innovation: the Apple Watch Series 3, which has a GPS and Cellular built-in. Now, you don’t even need an iPhone to be able to use your watch for phone calls or directions. Maps and chat apps… they will all work on the Apple Watch thanks to the Cellular. You can even listen to music from your music library using wireless earplugs or wireless Beats. It’s packed with the most advanced technology, dual core processor and Siri is even quicker than ever (yes, she can also talk!). The Series 3 will be available with or without Cellular with new bands and colors. Available September 22.

Apple TV 4K

Apple plans on bringing the cinema to your living room. At the heart of the newest Apple TV are two key technologies: 4K (number of pixels) and High Dynamic Range (HDR, better pixels). This will deliver the highest picture quality ever, with a faster A10X fusion chip. New 4K movies will be available at the same price as HD before and on top of that, HD movies already purchased will automatically upgrade for free. They’re also adding live sports features, which will notify you when a game is about to start, as well as live news. Available September 22.


iPhone 8

“Nothing else has ever put as much power into people’s hands as the iPhone has.”

Apple also introduced the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which features a new design, with glass both on the front and back of the phone. The phone is made from aluminum alloy and the most durable glass ever in a smartphone. The design will feature either a silver grey or a new gold finish. The iPhone 8 will come with a Retina HD display and is water and dust resistant. It also includes new stereo speakers, which is 25% louder than the iPhone 7. The phone has a brand new chip called the A11 Bionic, which is the most powerful and smartest chip ever in a smartphone. It’s designed for 3D apps and games and machine learning apps.

The camera has also been improved. There’s a 12MP sensor built-in with deeper pixels, new color filter, stabilization, faster auto-focus and noise reduction. Apple also added a new feature, the portrait lightening, which separates a subject from the background while you’re composing the shot. It’s also amazing for video, with the highest quality video capture ever in a smartphone. The iPhone 8 has faster frame rates and higher quality video, in 4K. It’s also created for Augmented Reality and motion tracking.

According to Apple, the future is wireless. That’s why the new iPhone 8 will support earpods and wireless Beats, but also features wireless charging! Thanks to the glass back you don’t need a cable to charge your phone any longer, you just place it on the charging console. Apple says more and more public places will offer these charging consoles, as it’s the future of technology. The iPhone 8 will come with both 64GB and 256GB and prices will start at US$699 and US$799 for the plus. Available September 22, pre-order September 15.

But Apple didn’t stop there, they had one more small thing to introduce…

iPhone X / 10

10 years after the first ever iPhone was launched, Apple now introduces the newest iPhone innovation and biggest leap since the first iPhone. It is called the iPhone 10 or also called iPhone X. The iPhone X has an edge to edge, top to bottom display. It has glass in the front and back and the band is made from stainless steel. As with the iPhone 8, it’s water and dust resistant and comes in two finishes, space grey and silver.


The iPhone 10 features a new Super Retina display with 2.7 million pixels, the highest pixel density ever in an iPhone. There’s no more home button, which means they had to introduce a new way to unlock your phone: the Face ID. You simply have to look at your phone and it will recognize you, thanks to the true depth camera system in the front. They built a neural engine to process face recognition. Even photos, masks,… won’t open the face ID. The face data is protected by the chip. They also created Animoji, animated emojis, which are controlled by your face, track your expressions and movements. Snapchat uses the Face ID for better tracking.

There’s also a dual optical image stabilization in the new camera, 4K video and is tuned for AR applications. The front camera has a true depth camera for selfies which allows you to take portrait mode photos through the front side camera as well. The battery lasts 2 hours more than iPhone 7. Again, the iPhone 10 has wireless charging through the glass back. Apple has a new vision when it comes to the wireless charging called AirPower, a new charging mat where you charge your phone, watch and earpods all at once. AirPower is coming next year. The iPhone X will also come with both 64GB and 256GB and starts at $999. Will be available November 3, pre-order October 27.

The new iOS11 will be available for download September 19.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”

– Steve Jobs

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