The Apple iPhone 5 officially is being launched today. With the iPhone 4 having been around for 15 months this has the longest period ever where Apple failed to update one of their products. Clearly, it seems like Apple took extra time in fixing many issues seen with the iPhone 4.

This also is significant in that Tim Cook is presenting as the official CEO of Apple, replacing Steve Jobs who recently stepped down.

Since Apple conferences are kept hush-hush until the very last moment, people have searched websites like CNN, Macworld, Twitlive and Engadget. Apparently the high amount of traffic has taken down these sites.

Pretty soon we will see what the iPhone will look like and what new features are available.


The iPhone 5 did not come out in the end, rather the iPhone 4S model. We suspect that Apple is still perfecting the “5” model before it can get released.

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