Apple has recently launched their long-awaited live event. Here are some highlights (currently updated)”

1. Apple released the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The 6 has a 4.7 inch screen and the 6 Plus has a 5.5 inch screen. The design is thinner and more rounded. “Focus Pixels.” They help with phase detection auto-focus. It makes it so you can focus faster. Other camera improvements: Noise reduction, better local tone mapping. The iPhone 6 has digital image stabilization. The 6 Plus has optical image stabilization. This helps in low-light scenarios when the shutter speed is slower. RIP handheld camcorders. Also, the battery life is the same, though the CPU and GPU are both faster. There is a new horizontal view. In addition, there is a brand new gesture called “reachablility.” Double touch the home button and the display slides down.iphone-6

2. iOS 8 has newer features.

3. Apple Pay has just come out. Apple Pay is where you make transactions with your credit card, but is not stored in their system for security system. This makes it possibly for you to not need to cancel your credit cards in the event you lose your phone. Mcdonalds, Disney, are in on it.

4. One more thing…..


There is a video featuring an Apple smartwatch. The “Apple Watch:” the best watch in the world. Works seamlessly with iPhone. Comprehensive health and fitness device. The digital crown contains digital LED’s.. a very simple navigation device. You can buy from the Apple watch store. Beautiful design, looks cool. Gyroscope and accelerometer allows one to unlock personal achievements. A range of watch faces, where you can personalize both their appearance and capability. Six different straps. Two sizes. Some made from stainless steel from a custom alloy. The sport watch is sturdy and elegant.

You need an iPhone to work with Apple Watch.

You can do some really cool stuff and customizations with eMoji. Also there is Siri.

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