This past week, eBay was subject to a major cyber attack, and as a result, has urged its 145 million registered users to change their passwords as soon as possible. For the most part, eBay has been quiet about the circumstances surrounding the attack and the information that was taken. It also took too long to divulge the information about the breach to the public, something that critics felt should have been done right away.

eBay users went into a frenzy because this is not the first time something like this has happened. Major corporations, such as Target, Sony, TJ Maxx, have been hacked creating major public relations nightmare, and not to mention, putting the fear of what could happen among millions of customers.  This case is different because of the way eBay execs responded to the crisis.

Information is Beautiful released an Infographic explaining the size of major security breaching, including eBay. The site aims to simplifying the world’s data, information and knowledge into beautiful, interesting and, above all, useful visualizations, infographics and diagrams.

map of the world's biggest data leaks SOURCES: IDTHEFTCENTRE, DATABREACHES.NET

You can view the interactive version of the infographic here.


If you’re looking for some sort of compensation, you’ll be disappointed to learn that there will be none; at least for now. The Internet retail giant is not planning to compensate customers or offer free credit monitoring because it has detected no financial fraud. That does not give us much assurance because the retail giant has been wrong before.  Initially, eBay was slow in notifying its users because it initially felt that its customers’ data was safe.

“That’s really poor incident response,” said David Kennedy, a cyber forensics expert who is CEO of TrustedSEC LLC. “EBay should be held to a higher standard.”

Online Reputation Management:

The first thing that eBay should have done is hire an independent online reputation management company to handle the announcement of the breach and the response and repercussions thereafter.  Their number one marketing priority should be to retain their 5-star online reputation in a time of crisis.  The online retail giant failed to keep its 5-star reputation when they were not sensitive to customer information and failed to act swiftly in time of crisis. In this new day and age of social media and the speed with which reputations can be made or broken, a reputation management strategy is crucial to the online credibility of any organization.

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