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Alex Noudelman earned his Honours B.A. in History and Political Science in 2007 from York University in Toronto, ON. He went on to complete his Advanced Certificate in Adolescent Education in 2008 at D'Youville College and became a certified teacher in Ontario in January, 2009. He's been working in the digital marketing industry since 2010 and enjoys writing to intrigue his readers and educate them about the fundamentals. Feel free to contact Alex Noudelman if you have any questions or would like to see a specific topic covered on this iRISEmedia blog.
12 12, 2018

3 Proven Ways to Stop Influencer Fraud | Internet Marketing Toronto

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I work part time as a teacher librarian/tech resource in an elementary school with approximately 520 students in the Simcoe County. It is a role that I am thrilled to be filling because it allows me to combine my two passions – digital media and teaching. Moreover, it equips me with the power to make

21 11, 2018

3 Best Tools for Monitoring Your Online Reputation in 2019 | iRISEmedia

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The importance of setting up alerts for your business in today’s competitive and digital world cannot be overlooked any longer. The internet is a challenging as well as scary feat to comb through for specific people and content. A savvy alert system will come into good use as it will filter the entire World Wide

14 11, 2018

How Reviews Impact Google’s Ranking | Online Reputation Management Agency Toronto

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Review websites (e.g., Google, Yelp) can be your best friend and your worst enemy all at the same time. Just about every consumer nowadays has a platform to voice their opinions about your business and products or services. Online reviews written on authoritative websites, such as Google and Facebook, play an important role in digital

7 11, 2018

Google Click-to-Message Ads | How to Use Them Effectively | Internet Marketing

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Published on: November 7, 2018 According to a recent Google survey, 65% of consumers are interested in a messaging service that allows them to connect with businesses to get information about their product or service or to schedule an appointment. Why wouldn’t they? They are already searching for businesses on their mobile devices. Why not

24 10, 2018

Focus on a Mobile Responsive Website Before Developing an App for your Business | Digital Marketing Toronto

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Try this: Close your eyes. Dig deep into your memory, especially the last month or so. Ask yourself: how many apps have I downloaded onto my smart phone or tablet this month? If you answered one or more, then you are part of the minority. Everyone is talking about apps. Internet marketing companies are always

17 10, 2018

3 Outdated SEO Tactics to Stop Immediately | Digital Marketing 2018

By | 2018-10-17T11:40:29+00:00 October 17th, 2018|

Many people believe that once we are set in our ways, it is unlikely that we can break our old habits. Fortunately this assumption is wrong and human progress is not impossible to achieve. We would like you to keep this philosophy statement in mind as you read this article. When it comes to SEO,

9 10, 2018

How to Remove False PissedConsumer.com Reviews | Online Reputation Management

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PissedConsumer.com is a consumer advocacy website. It is a platform for disgruntled consumers to share their unpleasant experiences (e.g., reviews, thoughts and opinions) with products and services. The website boasts more than 25 million reviews about 50,000 plus companies spanning over 100 industries. It is a fairly strong website [PR4], so if someone does publish

26 09, 2018

How to Drive 3x More Web Traffic Using Pinterest

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Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media networks on the World Wide Web. With approximately 250 million monthly users, it has become a resource similar to Google in that it helps people find content and new idea they need to plan their lives, such as innovative recipes, lesson plan ideas, and affordable clothing.

22 08, 2018

How to Avoid these 5 Fails in Instagram Marketing | Social Media Marketing

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I recently wrote an article on Influencer Marketing and how it changed with the advent of social media. Since then, I have been thinking about who has influenced me the most and motivated me to reach my goals and potential. Today I have had an epiphany. The person who has influenced me the most is