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12 09, 2013

Testimonial – Caio Cabral

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As an open minded person, I’ve always been looking for opportunities to grow personally and professionally in a world where borders between countries and cultures are disappearing. In addition, today’s global society has highlighted the importance of communicating in multiple languages and, beyond the shadow of a doubt, English is the language preferred in our internationally integrated business

27 06, 2013

Ogilvy Brazil Wins Prestigious Digital Media Award and Reinforces Its Credentials in the World of Digital Advertising

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bmd_fullOgilvy Brazil and WPP won the Agency and Holding Company of the Year respectively at the Cannes Advertising Festival. Annual digital media awards go to honor creativity in the communications industries.
The agency created the effective "Real Beauty Sketches" campaign for client Dove Masterbrand. Earning a successful reputation in the world of digital advertising, the video has gone viral on the internet and massively praised amongst critics. Yet, by bringing home the Titanium Grand Prix, the campaign has gained precious recognition through the most important digital media awards in the industry.

26 06, 2013

Online Advertising and Social Media Marketing Strategy Opportunities With Instagram

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instagram-logoInstagram, an app famous for photo-sharing, has recently added videos and other supportive features to its newest version. This new update has been considered a critical strategy by many social media experts. Some believe it just points out more online advertising opportunities in the future. While others think this has been one of the worst decisions ever made in the world of social media. Regardless of this, with the new Instagram, you are now able to delete snippets to re-record and also switch between the front and rear cameras. Supporting 13 custom filters just for videos, these new features are already available for iOS and Android at no cost to users.

24 06, 2013

How Social Media Can Cause a Revolution | The Hashtag #Changebrazil Helps Protesters Gain Attention in Brazil

By |2013-06-24T16:21:20-04:00June 24th, 2013|

brazil-protestsImages showing police brutality in Sao Paulo have highlighted protests that have erupted against the local and federal government in Brazil. Peaceful protesters started the demonstrations earlier this month and social media has played a big role.
These demonstrations were originally motivated by a 10 cent increase in subway and bus fares.
Demonstrations organized via social media have created scenarios where Brazilians have lost their patience for dealing with high taxes, high prices, low quality public services and a corrupt government.

12 06, 2013

How to Use New Google Maps to Get to The Top of Google

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localsearch2Over the last eight years, Google Maps has been updated and integrated with other technologies, increasing its functionality and converting it into one of the most important legacies that Google has created.
Last year, a new version for Androids and iOS technologies was launched, providing integration with Google Offers and optimizing the power of online advertising on Google.

10 06, 2013

Google Advertising Products and the Moto X Smartphone Are Part of Google’s Plan to Boost Innovation

By |2013-06-10T11:50:02-04:00June 10th, 2013|

xphone-130530Google is constantly looking for new opportunities to make changes and increase profit. One of the companies’ goals is to anticipate user’s needs by offering innovative products and features capable of building value for its image and branding. In retrospect, Google had more storage than any other email service when Gmail was launched and constant updates in Google Advertising have provided efficient ways to promote businesses virtually over the past few years.
Keeping in mind its innovative culture, Google Inc. has recently announced a new move that will impact more than new tools to optimize Google Advertising and Gmail.  A Smartphone aware of its environment which will be sold at a fair price was confirmed as Google’s new company product and is going to be produced by the Motorola Handset division bought by Google in May 2012.

4 06, 2013

Picture of Taco Bell Employee Licking Taco Shells Forces The Fast Food Chain to Rethink Its Social Media Marketing Strategy

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what-brands-can-learn-from-taco-bell-s-social-media-lawsuit-defense-4532e4e891Many a worker has lost his job because of the inappropriate use of social media. A Taco Bell employee was fired after posting a picture on Facebook in which he licks a stack of empty taco shells. The picture has since gone viral and caused problems for the fast food chain that has a powerful Social Media Marketing strategy.
With more than 10 million likes on its Facebook page and over 500,000 followers on Twitter, Taco Bell’s social media marketing team has been managing this problem, dedicating time and effort to clean up its own image after numerous complaints.

4 06, 2013

How Mobile Marketing Can Help You Plan a Successful Online Advertising Strategy

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mobile marketingOnline advertising is an industry that has changed the way people promote businesses and services. Hitting $910.8 million in expenditure for the first quarter of 2013, its increasing growth creates numerous opportunities for those who want to get in on the benefits of online exposure.
One of the primary roles in the world of online advertising is currently played by Smartphones. Users have made this technology an extension of their desktop computers, creating a need for local and global companies to highlight mobile marketing when developing an online advertising strategy.

30 05, 2013

Our SEO Services Division Can Develop a Winning SEO Strategy for Your Business

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web-seoFar from what most people believe, an SEO strategy is more than finding a group of target keyword niches. An SEO strategy, or search engine optimization strategy, is a plan that creates an opportunity to gain an edge on competitors.   A successful SEO strategy must be customized using the priorities and needs of a website as the starting point.
In addition, building an SEO strategy is also highly recommended where there is a need for improving brand positioning in the marketplace, given that this can increase exposure and a customer’s perception of specific products or services.

28 05, 2013

Get the Maximum Benefit from Using both an SEO Strategy And Paid Search (PPC)

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seo-ppc-scaleSeeking to get higher visibility for their online properties, companies can implement different strategies and develop internet marketing campaigns based on their own specific set of priorities. Basically, there are two strategies associated with search engine marketing that are capable of increasing a website’s exposure and create more opportunities for a business.
One is to highlight search engine optimization (SEO) by focusing on content, tags and links, while the second option is to pay for ads (sponsored links) on search engines. Both can produce good results, but organic listings can grab people’s attention in a more efficient way since 85% of all links displayed on Google SERPS (search engine results page) are organic.