Most owners of small-to-medium sized businesses build a company website either with design in mind, or with the purpose of getting a web presence quickly without much thought to detail. As a result, these websites fail to generate the proper traffic that they deserve. The following is a list of basic SEO foundations that every website should have at the very least:

  1. XML and HTML sitemaps

    Sitemaps are essential in a website indexing by all search engine spiders. The more pages that are indexed, the more “site authority” the site gains. An added advantage to a sitemap is that a visitor can more easily navigate through a company website.

  2. Robots.txt file

    A robots.txt file is one that tells the search engines what they can and cannot index. Should private information be placed on a web server folder, it would be imperative to not share that information with the world.

  3. Register Website to major search engines

    When a website is registered to the major search engines, chances are that much greater that that website will be indexed faster, as the search engines now realize that a bot did not create the site out of scratch. Here are the URL’s to add your site to the most famous engines:

    1. Google:
    2. Yahoo:
    3. Bing:
  4. Web Analytics software.

    This goes without saying. How can one tell how ones site is doing without it? With Analytics software, one can track how many visitors are going to ones website, which pages are successful in converting a user into a buyer, where users are coming from, and much, much more. The one that is most widely used is Google Analytics, mainly because it’s free and for the price one pays, one retrieves a LOT of information. However, paid options like ClickTracks and Omniture provide more advanced features that actually enhance AB testing.

  5. Unique title and meta tags on each page.

    It is downright surprising how many website actually have the SAME title, meta keyword, and meta description tags for each page. Search engines look for unique pages, and if they see pages with similar tags, they merely get counted as duplicate content.

  6. ***Updated*** Register Website with Ranking Sites

    Certain websites have the power to add or remove ranking value to your website. Some sites to register to are:

    Website Outlook
    About Domain

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