Final Cut King on VineZach King, better known as Final Cut King, is the ‘’magic-vine’’ maker who is currently trending on many social media platforms. Vine is a six-second video service. What makes Zach King’s videos unique is he edits them in such a way that it appears he is performing magic. He creates a variety of magical vine videos such as jumping into a driving car without opening the door and turning a t-shirt into a cat. He posts the videos on Social Media platforms like Instagram and Facebook and uploads them on YouTube. Zach King’s Facebook page has 132K likes and 3.7M followers on Instagram.

Final Cut King works with well-known brands such as Red Bull, LG and he even made an appearance on the red carpet at the Oscars 2015. The videos are so creative the audience welcomes the paid advertisement/ commercial and ends up wanting more.

Why Brands Work with Bloggers like Zach King

When brands team up with bloggers to promote their products it is a win/win for all involved. Research shows when a brand is being advertised by a blogger the audience tends to believe them because they are a real person, not an actor playing a part. People look bloggers up, they trust them. If a blogger says your product is great, the audience is going to believe them.

A company will get more reach by working together with the right blogger because the brand will reach the right audience, their target market. Besides that online bloggers create communities that brands tap into, connect with, and eventually sell to.

It is important for brands to choose their bloggers wisely because they want to make sure they reach and send their message to the right audience. Bloggers should use a personal approach with their audience; this will help deliver the message in a more credible way.

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