Google CEO Eric Schmidt, with Alan Murray of the Wall Street Journal, said that Google‘s largest competitive threat is Bing. Surprisingly though, Facebook and Apple however aren’t the largest threats.

In Eric Schmidt’s words, “Bing is a well run, highly competitive search engine.” Meanwhile, it’s “too early to tell,” how big a competitor Facebook will be, he says. Apple is, “the extreme expression of a closed system, but also a partner… With the iPhone, the development guidelines have been loosened… Google has acquired adMob… People seem to undervalue the tremendous success of the Android.”

Google‘s main focus since day one has been on “search.” With the merging of Yahoo, Bing is the only real major search engine outside of Google now. Facebook and Apple, though, are seen by many as competitive in other, “less focused” aspects of Google.

Certain mobile phones, like the LG, come exclusively with the Bing search engine (with no option to change it), and recent Microsoft Windows desktop OS’s, along with Microsoft-operated smartphones, have Bing as the default search engine. Since Microsoft virtually controls the PC industry in terms of volume of computers sold, they already are at an advantage thanks to their existing user base.

The full video of Eric Schmidt with Alan Murray can be seen below:

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