It was recently posted in the following article ( that Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer said his short-term goal for Bing was to gain a point here or a tenth there – just to slowly increase its share of the search market. The latest numbers from Experian Hitwise show that Bing is doing exactly that.

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Hitwise shows Bing gaining more market share for the third straight month. As well, its 9.7% share of February searches was up over its January numbers by 4%.

While it is definitely positive for Bing to be increasing in market share, it would seem that the increases are negligible at best. A percentage increase of 4% will hardly make prospective advertising clients make a move toward moving their valuable Ad budgets from one search engine to another. If a search engine has, for example, 1 percent of the market and then goes up to 2 percent, then the percentage change would be 100%. At the end of the day, Google remains king with an almost-71 percent market share, and it doesn’t seem to be going down soon. As well, Google has almost five times the market share over the second-place competitor, Yahoo.

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