17 09, 2010

Beware of What You Do On the Internet – Google Stalker Incident

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Nothing that can be publicly available on the internet will be private for long. In the end information that can be used will be used, and not necessarily for the most noble purposes.
Case in point: Google, one of the largest internet companies in the world today, has a policy: "don't be evil." However, one of their (now former) engineers, 27 year old David Barksdale, repeatedly took advantage of his position as a member of an elite technical group at Google to access user accounts, violating the privacy of at least four minors during his employment.

25 08, 2010

Blogs Redefining “News” – Baseball’s Jose Bautista taking Steroids?

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We recently wrote a post about how blogs and the Internet have changed the way people get their news. Like almost everything, there are two sides to this coin. While our previous post focused on the positive, as demonstrated from the blog in Mexico, this article will demonstrate how dangerous blogs can be because , quite frankly, there is no one to answer to. Literally, anyone can create a blog and just "shoot from the hip".

20 08, 2010

Blogs are Re-defining the term “News” – Mexico’s Blog Del Narco Example

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There is no doubt that the Internet has changed the world. One can, with some finger motions, gain a plethora of information at a whim. At the same time, it has allowed anybody to post whatever one wishes online, unedited and uncensored. When this power of unfettered free speech is wielded in an informative, balanced manner, the public rewards it with tremendous credibility. At the same time, everyone senses that traditional news channels and media outlets are biased to their own respective agendas. So is it really "news"?