2 05, 2019

Help! – How do I Get My Personal Information off Google | Online Reputation Management

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In many ways, Google has made a positive impact on the World Wide Web. It has changed the way we view videos through YouTube. It has made search ubiquitous. It has made communication fast and efficient through Gmail. More importantly, it has helped businesses grow their customer base through infinite web exposure (SEO). Google is

8 04, 2019

How Google, Facebook & Twitter Failed to Reduce the Appearance of Fake News

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The European Commission (EC) has taken issue with Google, Facebook and Twitter and the actions taken thus far to eliminate the appearance of Fake News on their platforms.  The EC accuses all three of failing to act quickly to remove ‘fake news’ in a series of reports published last week. In October, 2018, Google, Facebook

13 03, 2019

Google+ Early Shutdown Due to Security Breach | Digital Marketing Agency

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Last month, Google announced that it will be shutting down Google+ on April 2nd, 2019. In a blog post written on January 31, 2019, it acknowledged that the main reason for pulling the plug on Google+ was low performance. Google will still offer private Google+ powered networks for businesses currently using the software. Google also

3 01, 2019

Google Using Mobile-First Indexing in over Half the Pages Shown in Search

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On December 19, 2018, Google announced that over half of the pages shown in search results worldwide are powered by mobile-first indexing. That means that it is more likely that the pages you visit from a Google search query are based on how Google crawled and indexed content on the mobile version of that page.

14 11, 2018

How Reviews Impact Google’s Ranking | Online Reputation Management Agency Toronto

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Review websites (e.g., Google, Yelp) can be your best friend and your worst enemy all at the same time. Just about every consumer nowadays has a platform to voice their opinions about your business and products or services. Online reviews written on authoritative websites, such as Google and Facebook, play an important role in digital

7 11, 2018

Google Click-to-Message Ads | How to Use Them Effectively | Internet Marketing

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Published on: November 7, 2018 According to a recent Google survey, 65% of consumers are interested in a messaging service that allows them to connect with businesses to get information about their product or service or to schedule an appointment. Why wouldn’t they? They are already searching for businesses on their mobile devices. Why not

12 06, 2018

The Official Launch of the “More Results” Search Button on Mobile Google

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Google has officially launched the “more results” search button for mobile devices. It is available for searchers that use the Google application on IOS and on Android devices. The support of the “more results” button for chrome on IOS is yet to unveil. In addition, one of the main features of Google’s new search button

16 05, 2018

SEO 2018 Update: Google Using Mobile-First Indexing | How Does This Affect Your SEO Rankings?

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Let’s take a trip down memory lane to November 4th 2016 when this article got published on the ‘Google Webmaster Central Blog’. On that day, Google announced it would change the indexing and ranking of websites to better help mobile users find what they are looking for when conducting a Google search. Google took this

7 03, 2018

The Right to be Forgotten in Canada | Online Reputation Management

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The European Union set a precedent on privacy laws in 2014 with the creation of "the right to be forgotten". This law has since allowed people living in the European Union states to seek the removal of search results from Google that are "inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant." The system does not result in

29 02, 2016

The Changes to Google Adwords Layout & Impact on Online Marketing

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If you performed a desktop Google search this week, you would have noticed a significant change to how results are displayed. As of Friday, February 19, 2016, Google will no longer show text ads in the right sidebar. In their place, there will only be 3 text ads showing above the organic listings and 3