5 06, 2012

Pinterest Clone Scripts Reviews: We Build Them

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PinterestPinterest is one of the hottest social neworking sites today. Some people are looking to create their own niche Pinterest sites as there's marketing value to keeping everything under one theme.
It makes perfect marketing sense: If you attract a large user base you can market "likeable" material.
Here are some Pinterest clone script reviews that might lead you into the right direction in terms of what to purchase.

13 09, 2011

Groupon Clone Script Software Reviews

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As Director of Technology, this is a post I have put on my blog that has received an enormous amount of attention and response. Groupon has been incredibly successful as a business model, as it had been offered a significant amount of money by Google and they turned them down! An Israeli company, Grouper, was offered something like $15 million. As a result, many niche groupon clones have emerged. Most of these clones use a piece of software from off-shore locations like India and China. This post will cut to the bottom line about some of the most popular softwares out there.

24 08, 2011

Groupon Clones – We Build Them

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The Groupon Daily Deal industry has taken the world by storm. As a result, it seems like everyone wants to be in the industry and leverage this relatively new business model. Some people want a website up quickly and leverage pre-hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions where the company takes a percentage of each sale. Normally the percentages taken from these "rental services" are 4%-10% per transaction, which can get fairly pricy after a while. Also, while there might be many neat features with a pre-hosted solution, the provider "owns" your code and personalized data. There should always be reluctance and caution when divulging sensitive client information to a third party. Also, what happens if the software provider decides to "close up shop" the next day, at the expense of the clients being hosted? Do you as a client really want to be put into such a situation?

7 07, 2011

Groupon, Daily Deal Sites and Legal Considerations

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On June 15, 201, Rocky Agrawal, a Social Media expert who writes for TechCrunch and is reviewing the Daily deal industry wrote an article on the legal challenges facing Groupon, Living Social and other Daily Deal sites. Agrawal states that Groupon and Living Social may be violating several key aspects of consumer protection law. Because this is a relatively new industry in some cases the specific legal handling is unclear, however in others the law is clear cut.
We recommend contacting Osler, a Canadian Law Firm with offices in New York, for more detailed legal advice on this topic.