22 08, 2018

How to Avoid these 5 Fails in Instagram Marketing | Social Media Marketing

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I recently wrote an article on Influencer Marketing and how it changed with the advent of social media. Since then, I have been thinking about who has influenced me the most and motivated me to reach my goals and potential. Today I have had an epiphany. The person who has influenced me the most is

24 01, 2018

Instagram Stories for Businesses | Social Media Marketing Agency

By |2018-01-24T15:40:04-05:00January 24th, 2018|

Since Instagram Stories made their debut in 2016, they have gained popularity amongst a majority of users. An Instagram Story allows any user to post a picture or video that disappears after 24 hours and can only be viewed if selected. This feature is something that businesses currently operating an Instagram account should utilize. The

8 05, 2017

5 Amazing Tips on How to Optimize Your Instagram Advertising

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It’s hard to imagine a life so barbaric that someone couldn’t share their gorgeous pictures on a social media platform such as Instagram. Although Instagram has only been around since 2010, it has quickly become the go-to social media photo sharing app of over 700 million monthly active users. Compared to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram