30 10, 2015

Using Trademarks in Your SEO Strategy

October 30th, 2015|Internet Law, Search Engine Optimization, Search Marketing|

In July 2010, we compared Google to the Wild West in our post “The Wild West and Google Places (Local Business Listings) – Google’s Sheriffs Are on Patrol”. In our article, we underlined Google Places as the “wild west” of online marketing because at that time there did not appear to be any concrete rules […]

2 10, 2015

Please Forget Me: The Right To Be Forgotten Within The Online Reputation Industry

October 2nd, 2015|Internet Law, Internet Marketing, Online marketing, Reputation Management|

In the Internet and Big Data Era, where information is launched and never vanishes, it could be arduously difficult to erase any information from the World Wide Web. In the world of Internet Law, the “right to be forgotten” or “the right to oblivion” is defined as a person’s right to remove personal details and […]

25 02, 2015

Yelp Takes A Stand Against Scam “Reputation Management” Companies

February 25th, 2015|Internet Law, Internet Marketing - General, News, Power of the Internet, Reputation Management|

Yelp alleges that Revleap has spammed businesses with unsolicited messages claiming that they can get good reviews to stick and bad reviews to go away.
13 02, 2015

Beware: Stop Having Conversations In Front Of Your Smart TV

February 13th, 2015|Internet Law, Internet Marketing - General, News, Social Media, Social Media Marketing|

Samsung is advising its consumers to stop talking in front of their Smart TVs. Apparently your television may intercept private family room conversations and then transmit them to third parties, such as software providers.
18 06, 2014

Friendly Reminder: Canada’s New Anti-Spam Law Comes into Effect July 1st

June 18th, 2014|Digital Media Marketing, Internet Law, Internet Marketing - General|

This blog serves as a friendly reminder to our clients and social media followers that Canada’s new Anti-spam law and Regulation “CASL” will come into effect on July 1, 2014. Canadian businesses that rely on email marketing for sales and prospecting will be affected by it.

Don’t be fooled by the name. You don’t need to […]

25 04, 2014

Why Canadian Internet Marketing Companies Should Be Prepared For The Upcoming Anti-Spam Law

April 25th, 2014|Internet Law, Internet Marketing - General, News, Social Media|

As a part of international accords, a new Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) will take effect on July 1, 2014 and will impact the entire email marketing and internet marketing industryin Canada. The CASL applies to any commercial electronic messages sent by companies in Canada from small to medium and large sized organisations, including non-profits and charities (there are some exceptions) as well as international companies doing business in Canada.
29 05, 2013

You Got Served: Internet Law Has Undergone a New Change with BC Court Allowing Brian Burke to Sue Bloggers Online

May 29th, 2013|Internet Law, News, Reputation Management, Social Media|

Image courtesy of http://internetlaw.uslegal.com/ In an unprecedented move by a B.C. Court, ex-Maple Leafs General Manager Brian Burke is now allowed to sue people online.
Brian Burke has recently gone on a rampage and now has 18 people on his "hit list," twenty-year-old Zack Bradley being numero uno on that list. In order to sue people with anonymous profiles, this permission needed to be granted as traditionally, in order to be served with a lawsuit someone had to physically present a piece of paper to that person. However, without a physical address this was previously physically impossible to do.
30 04, 2013

Internet Law in Toronto, Libel, and ex-Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke v. Zack Bradley

April 30th, 2013|Blogging, Internet Law, Internet Marketing - General, News, Power of the Internet|

Image courtesy of http://internetlaw.uslegal.com/ As the realm of Internet Law has been growing, though not nearly as fast as the Internet itself has, more and more people previously innocent are being brought to court for crimes that they are innocently unaware of. Take the case of first-year Carleton University journalism student Zack Bradley from Oshawa, who at age 20 is still a kid, though technically not a minor. He, like many sports fans, decided to rail on sports players and GMs alike, and apparently got on the bad side with ex-Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke. So, what's wrong with blogging and expressing a little freedom of speech? Apparently, a lot.