20 10, 2015

A New SEO Era is Upon Us: Know What Changes Need to be Made

October 20th, 2015|Digital Media Marketing, Internet Marketing - General, Online marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SEO|

A common request our SEO department receives is: I would like to rank for keyword a, b, and c for a domain I registered for my business. Can you help?

Unfortunately, SEO does not work like that anymore. SERPs have changed dramatically after Google Penguin, Google Panda and Google Hummingbird algorithm updates were unveiled.

While before the […]

10 09, 2015

What Social Media Marketers Learned from the 2015 MTV VMA’s

September 10th, 2015|Internet Marketing - General, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Twitter|

Whether it’s Kim Kardashian’s naked photo on the cover of Paper Magazine or Renee Zellweger’s new face, there is always something or someone breaking the internet. What we didn’t see coming was the 2015 MTV VMA’s breaking the Internet. Even though the amount of TV viewer ratings have dropped over the years, with only 9.8 […]

16 04, 2015

6 Essential Tips to Get Your Next Article Featured on LinkedIn Pulse

April 16th, 2015|Internet Marketing - General, online branding, Resource Centre, Social Media, Social Media Marketing|

LinkedIn Pulse is not only a great publishing platform for sharing industry news, tips and insights, but it also became a top source of website traffic with over 40% of our company’s website traffic subsequently coming from LinkedIn. In this article, we will share tips that worked for us for posting on LinkedIn Pulse.
14 04, 2015

4 Strategies for Blogger Outreach

April 14th, 2015|Internet Marketing - General, Resource Centre, Search Marketing|

There are over 200 million blogs out there and that means there are plenty of sites for every niche, industry and/or topic; even the most boring ones. We encourage all organizations doing internet marketing to outreach to the ones that pertain to them because link-earning (formerly link-building) is still a very large part of SEO.
16 03, 2015

How To Engage With Trending Topics on Twitter | Social Media Blog

March 16th, 2015|Internet Marketing - General, Resource Centre, Social Media, Social Media Marketing|

Many people are on the fence about tweeting about trending topics. However, if you stick to the best practices you will be in the clear and will win over many followers. As well, tweeting about trending topics will help you interact with others in real-time and at the same time get your brand name across.
13 03, 2015

How To Optimize Images For SEO

March 13th, 2015|Design, Internet Marketing - General, Resource Centre, Search Engine Optimization, Search Marketing|

If you run an e-commerce website, image optimization is an art that you will need to master. From reducing site load time to improving user experience, it is an important element for growing your online business and successfully marketing it to the right users. This blog post will highlight 6 must-know image optimization tips for your SEO campaign.
3 03, 2015

5 Tips on How To Find Long-Tail Keywords for Search Engine Marketing

March 3rd, 2015|Internet Marketing - General, Resource Centre, Search Engine Optimization, Search Marketing|

In SEO, the keywords are more likely to rank sooner than their shorter counterparts. Here are 5 effective ways to identify the kind of keywords that will keep the traffic flowing to your website.