24 11, 2014

Couple’s Mortifying Wedding Ceremony Shows Just How Easy It Is To Lie Online

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Casey and Jessica O’Donnell after three months of marriage have realized they may not be actually married. Sounds like the premise of a romantic comedy right? Their story quite honestly, conveys a lack of Internet literacy surprising for their age group (late twenties). The Northern Ontario couple, who claimed they were in a rush to

7 07, 2014

How To Forecast in the World of Online Marketing

By |2014-07-07T14:33:19-04:00July 7th, 2014|

Forecasting is an important aspect of online marketing and pretty much in all facets of life. With a forecast, there’s a concrete plan that puts self-assurance in our stride. Without it, the best we can do is ‘get by’ and that’s not very proactive. Forecasting tells us when it is best to shop, when to wear