25 04, 2014

Why Canadian Internet Marketing Companies Should Be Prepared For The Upcoming Anti-Spam Law

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As a part of international accords, a new Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) will take effect on July 1, 2014 and will impact the entire email marketing and internet marketing industryin Canada. The CASL applies to any commercial electronic messages sent by companies in Canada from small to medium and large sized organisations, including non-profits and charities (there are some exceptions) as well as international companies doing business in Canada.

2 10, 2013

Google’s Newest Search Algorithm Update: Hummingbird

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google_hummingbirdOn September 26th, Google celebrated their 15 year existence by coming out with a search engine algorithm update nicknamed Hummingbird, launched on August 20th. This algorithm is meant to further speed up search results and indexing faster. As Google put it, the name come from being "precise and fast."

9 09, 2013

How A Social Media Campaign Can Help Fight Big Corporations

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Expressing disappointment over a product or a bad customer experience through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube has become a new trend in the social media world. Even though many big brands have a solid presence on social media sites, they are failing to engage with their customers, respond to their complaints and, as a result, their social media efforts backfire. This article presents two interesting case studies proving that customers are now able to raise their voice and express their feelings through an effective social media campaign.

14 08, 2013

The Latest Facebook News Feed Algorithm Updates Enable Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns to Reach A Greater Number of Audience

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icon_facebook1For companies implementing a social media marketing campaign as a part of their digital media marketing strategy it cannot be overlooked that Facebook has made some new algorithm changes. The changes specifically relate to the Facebook Newsfeed.  There are potentially more or less 1500 posts on the Facebook Newsfeed to be seen at any given time when someone visits there. It is obviously impossible to go through all of these posts. What Facebook does here is pick up posts you would seem to be interested in (based on the previous data they already have on you) so that they can keep you engaged on Facebook.

1 08, 2013

Why Companies Need A Social Media Policy

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social-media-policy-examplesWhen an employee complains about various work-related issues to his or her friends and family members, it usually stays within the group. When an employee tweets his or her complaint about his employer on Twitter, it becomes public. It’s similar to speaking at a big conference surrounded by hundreds of people who listen to you and provide you with feedback. A Social Media channel post or tweet can reach a wide audience which can instantly respond to it. A Milk Truck company that sells sandwiches and milk shakes recently fired its employee for tweeting . Brendan O'Connor complained on his personal Twitter account that a customer ordered food worth $170 and didn't tip. Most important, he included the customer's employer name in his tweet: "Shout out to the good people of Glass, Lewis & Co. for placing a $170 order and not leaving a tip. @glasslewis". The company instantly replied to the tweet and decided to fire the employee.

12 07, 2013

A Digital Media Agency in a Social Media World with the likes of Google, YouTube and America’s Got Talent

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main_imageOne of the most interesting things about Search Engine Optimization is how “real” SEO works. How it organically flows into one thing and turns up somewhere else. On July 2, 2013 in Toronto, Canada a valuable member of the iRISEmedia team posted a video on our website. We are a digital media agency; this is what we do. We offer many digital media solutions for businesses/websites worldwide.