8 05, 2013

Toronto Maple Leafs Have Grown in Popularity by Using Social Media and Online Advertising

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nhl_torIn a recent article in Metro news, it was reported that Google searches for the Maple Leafs increased by a whopping 300% since the playoffs. We wondered how the playoffs affected fan engagement on social media channels. 
As I’m writing this article, the hashtag #timandsidleafs is ranking as the first Canadian trending topic on Twitter. This big wave was created by the co-hosts of the afternoon show on Sportsnet 590 The FAN, Tim and Sid, who were running a contest to give away tickets for a Toronto Maple Leafs game on Twitter. As a result, thousands of fans started using the hashtag mentioned above in their tweets whether they wanted to get the desirable tickets or just to  mock the competition and its impressive popularity.

30 04, 2013

Internet Law in Toronto, Libel, and ex-Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke v. Zack Bradley

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Image courtesy of http://internetlaw.uslegal.com/ As the realm of Internet Law has been growing, though not nearly as fast as the Internet itself has, more and more people previously innocent are being brought to court for crimes that they are innocently unaware of. Take the case of first-year Carleton University journalism student Zack Bradley from Oshawa, who at age 20 is still a kid, though technically not a minor. He, like many sports fans, decided to rail on sports players and GMs alike, and apparently got on the bad side with ex-Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke. So, what's wrong with blogging and expressing a little freedom of speech? Apparently, a lot.

30 04, 2013

How to Add a User to a WordPress Multisite Via Database as an Administrator

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WP_MultiSiteA while back we were given permission to host and edit a clients' website, built on Wordpress with Multisite functionality. However, for various reasons we were unable to get in touch with the previous developer who had Admin access to the sites. Since we were hosting their website and database, we at least had that. The solution then was to add a new user (us) through the back-end. The question that remained was, how? Here is what we did (Read More)

26 04, 2013

Facebook Announces Changes to Mobile Advertising and More

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facebook-adsThis year has been a year of changes for online advertising. The most influential social media channel has announced a big modification that will affect several rules regulating the way people promote their businesses on Facebook. Considered a critical strategy, a new mobile media advertisement plan is to be implemented, which will allow companies to send ads to users' smartphones even when the screen is locked.

25 02, 2013

Google Panda, Links, Chromebooks and Advertorials Penalization, and Affected Websites

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Photo courtesy of searchengineland.comGoogle has made a number of changes with Panda over the last year, and seems to continue to do so. SearchEngineLand.com reports that the Panda update has not only affected small businesses but large ones as well. Legitimate content farms like About.com (which the New York Times sold for $300 million to IAC), Associated Content (bought by Yahoo for $100 million), LookSmart (bought from CNet.com in 2007) HubPages and other big-name sites were hurt with Google's Panda algorithm. In other words, Google, the company that provided many online businesses with their source of income, is now taking that income away from many legitimate businesses. What their real "angle" or "game" is currently remains unknown.

1 02, 2013

Get-Simple CMS – A Quick, Simple Content Management System – We Build Them

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get-simple-logo-screenWe recently came across across a unique, lightweight content management system (CMS) where all data is handled by XML files. This CMS is called Get-Simple.
Get-Simple is not as feature-rich or robust at CMSs like Wordpress or Drupal, but it's easy to set up, theme and edit. Get-Simple is relatively limited in features. However, it requires no MySQL database and is already looks like it has the basic array of materials for a CMS. It has a photo gallery, basic shopping cart, SEO plugin, custom SEO-friendly URLs, a WYSIWYG editor, an XML sitemap, a contact form, and more. It’s also very easy to theme from any HTML theme you choose. What’s more is that it loads very fast.

21 01, 2013

Top 5 SEO Trends in 2013 in Toronto, Ontario, the GTA and all of Canada

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Google penguin and panda. Image Source: Delineo.com In February 2011, Search Engine giant Google introduced the Panda algorithm update and rolled out additional features which penalized and de-ranked many websites. It was developed to deliver the best possible user experience and bring high-quality sites to the top of Google's search results. On April 24, 2012 Google Penguin was implemented for the first time penalizing websites which were using black-hat SEO techniques. In order to stay at the top of Google's search results, it is important to stay informed and on top of any changes and Google algorithm updates that will take place in 2013. The following are the Top 5 SEO predictions from the iRISEmedia team for this  year.

10 01, 2013

iRISEmedia.com Presents the Top 10 Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2013

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social_media_servicesThis year will definitely be a significant year for Social Media Marketing. From driving targeted traffic to websites and improving rankings on organic search results to improving a brand recognition and communicating with prospective customers, social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Instagram provide businesses with huge opportunities that other marketing tools can't offer.
The iRISEmedia team prepared the Top 10 predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2013 that will make a difference.

29 05, 2012

3 Google AdWords Features We Need to Know About

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Recently Google came out with some new changes that it has made to their Adwords platform. These changes are worth noting.

1. Ad rotation changes:

The “rotate evenly” ad rotation setting will function differently than in the past. Google will now only rotate ads evenly for a period of 30 days instead of rotating ads indefinitely. After 30 days it will default to the “optimize for clicks” setting. Each new ad will begin a 30-day period.
1 05, 2012

SEO and Link Building Tools for Your Business in Toronto and the GTA

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How to Build LinksWriting and submitting a professional article that provides SEO optimized content is important, although creating quality backlinks to websites is what actually makes a difference. Link building is the most important factor of any SEO campaign which determines whether or not a website will rank on the search engines. Finding websites that your competitors haven’t linked yet, analyzing how your competitors get ranking for certain keywords, reaching authoritative websites… link building is one of the most tedious and exhausting processes in SEO.