8 10, 2015

The 7 Deadly Sins of PPC

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Paid advertising has changed drastically over the years especially with the advent of Google AdWords programs in 2000. One of the advantages to advertising with Google is that everything is measurable, right down to the number of clicks to the number of impressions and the Click through Rate (CTR). With paid advertising through traditional means,

28 05, 2013

Should I Go With SEO or PPC Campaigns? My Suggestion: Both

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seo-ppc-scaleNowadays many advertisers are uncertain whether to invest more on PPC (Pay Per Click) or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when preparing their Digital and Internet Marketing budgets. This has been a long standing debate amongst experts but the industry has matured and there are some clear answers now. Many people created this myth about Search Engine Marketing which goes as follows: SEO is cheaper than paying every time someone clicks on my Google ad so let's spend all our time and money on SEO strategies. This is a big mistake. SEO on its own will not perform miracles for your business or website. The proper course of action is to use a balanced mix of both Paid Search (PPC) and SEO and every website requires its own analysis in order to calculate that mix.

16 04, 2010

Some ways to determine keyword research results using Google tools.

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Recently I came across an article discussing three ways to use Google’s search results. This article will summarize those tools as well as mention some others. One tool is “Google Suggest.” Google Suggest was added as part of the standard Google search bar in 2008. What it does is, as you are typing a search

11 03, 2010

Which is better? SEO or PPC?

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In a recent article (http://searchenginewatch.com/3639692) written by Kevin Gibbons of “Search Engine Watch,” Mr. Gibbons writes that at a recent SES London event, a debate took place as to which of the two was better. He adds that, at the end of the day, it really depends on both the customer and the worker. In