4 07, 2017

Topic Clusters: How to Create SEO-Friendly Content in 2017

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Let me suggest a better way to create SEO-Friendly Content: Topic Clustering. Not only does it save you time, but it showcases your expertise and helps you extend the reach of your material. For the past four years, since the unveiling of the Google Hummingbird update, there have been great discourse surrounding topics over keyword

6 12, 2016

Top Keyword Research Tools for SEO: 2016 Edition

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Keyword research is at the core of digital marketing. Whether it is used for SEO, PPC (Google Adwords), or content marketing, you cannot succeed in any initiatives without doing the proper keyword research first. If you are not bidding on or using the right keywords, you are not serving the right content to the right

16 11, 2014

The Failed Predictions About The Death of SEO

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 SEO is not dead despite the assertions by black-hat SEO gurus and internet marketing skeptics. Just like the Mayan predictions of the end of the world were wrong in 2012, so were the predictions that SEO would die. Why SEO is not dead....Unless all search engines seize to exist (including Google) or some international organization decides to shut down

30 10, 2014

Advanced Link Baiting for Creative SEO Content Marketers

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Link baiting is a popular content marketing strategy that is strategically created to get other content producers to link to it. The purpose is to increase the number of inbound links to your content and to generate traffic arriving to the website, thereby improving its performance in search engine results. Blogs are the most frequently

30 09, 2014

The Most Googled Brands Per State – Search Engine Marketing

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A new maps created by DirectCapital shows each state’s top 3 most Googled brands. DirectCapital compiled the list using keyword search popularity from Google Trends. The Google Trends tool provides users and search engine marketing experts with data for the history and volume of Google searches performed for branded terms, as well as the popularity

2 09, 2014

Exceptions to CASL

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A Commercial Electronic Message (CEM) is any electronic message that encourages participation in some sort of commercial activity, such as an email that contains a coupon or tells customers or potential client about a promotion or sale that will be taking place. If you’re an organization that sends out CEMs, you’ll need “express consent” from

25 08, 2014

What Websites Does Google Like Most?

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"Focus on the user and all else will follow." -  Google This is a question that many Search Engine Marketing companies and its specialists ponder during their days off. Google's search engine uses a number of different methods to determine which pages are indexed and which ones should be displayed first. Their rankings formula is

19 08, 2014

New Google Services For Children Under the Age of 13

By |2014-08-19T17:41:49-04:00August 19th, 2014|

Kids who want to use Google services may no longer have to lie about how old they are. The largest search engine in the world is reportedly planning to add specific accounts for users under the age of 13. Currently, it does not allow users to sign up unless they are at least 13 years

4 07, 2014

The 6 Best Link Building Practices in Search Engine Optimization

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These days link building is not as straightforward or inexpensive as it used to be, but its importance has not diminished. In an effort to improve the quality of content appearing on the web, Google’s algorithms have penalized sites with spammy links and other black hat SEO practices. Despite the large blow, link-building is still

3 07, 2014

How to Identify Link Farms

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A link farm is a website that was created for the sole purpose of growing the link popularity of another site.  It is  synonymous with “black hat" SEO because the content on the web sites linking to each other have no relationship, not created by a human, and is often of very poor quality. Search