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27 05, 2014

How to Get a DoFollow Link from YouTube

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YouTube is a PR9 website and the world’s leading video resource with an Alexa rank of 3. Unfortunately, the URLs in video descriptions are nofollow links, despite common beliefs that they are. There is no need to panic, YouTube is still an important element in dofollow Social Bookmarking. All you have to do is add

31 10, 2013

The Simple Link Building Technique Most SEOs Get Wrong

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redlinkoriginalWe found this article to be an eye-opener and therefore decided to re-post with credit. -iRISEmedia Staff The more ways you can generate quality inbound links to your site, the better. Google has raised the bar and we all need to get the most from the link building work we do. ‘Broken Link Building’ is a white-hat technique that can really be done at scale. Yet it is a technique that is misunderstood and therefore many SEOs are not getting the results they could.

7 10, 2013

Brief Overview on Moz’s Taking Advantage of Google’s Bias Toward Hyper-Fresh Content

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Every Friday, Moz.com comes out with fresh material for "Whiteboard Friday." The latest one to come out was particularly interesting. Rand Fishkin pointed out something both helpful and disturbing about Google: that Google ranks fresher content over older content that may be more valuable. In short, here are some highlights from the talk: Google is

12 08, 2013

Is Social Media the New Search in Toronto? Yes, it is

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Google_SEOI'm going to state the obvious: Penguin has completely changed, and in some cases destroyed, the way we formerly knew SEO. Multi-billion dollar companies have lost business due to Google's Penguin Algorithm update doing a "reset" on search results by eliminating backlinks that Google "considers" spammy. Keep in mind that what Google now considers spammy is not necessarily what we would consider spammy, and as a result getting a good-quality "doFollow" backlink has in all honesty become darn near impossible to get.