11 11, 2014

Hashtag #poppypride Trivializes Remembrance Day

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Remembrance Day have experienced a social media overhaul this year. Media outlets have been publicizing the #Nov11Globe and #poppypride hashtags in order to get readers to share how they are spending Remembrance Day. This sort of attention seems out of place during a time in which people should be concentrating on the remembering as opposed

8 05, 2014

Amazon Takes Its Online Business Social

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amazon-logoAmazon is excelling in the fast-growing field of eCommerce. It unveiled a new social media strategy this week that will allow users to add items to their shopping basket by mentioning #AmazonCart in their tweet. The process is simple! All user have to do is link their Twitter accounts with their Amazon account and respond to a product link tweet bearing the hashtag #AmazonCart. Once this is done, they can proceed to checkout and make payment for the items selected. The tweets only add items to the Amazon Cart and isn't a confirmation for purchase.

30 04, 2014

Not Exactly Sterling Silver: How Social Media Impacted NBA’s LA Clippers Ex-Owner Donald Sterling in Getting Issued Lifetime Ban from Commissioner Adam Silver

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sterling-girlfriend-magic-johnson-the-picture-that-started-it-all The photo on Twitter that started the feud. Racism. Apparently even in our enlightened society today it still exists in many shapes and forms. This was most recently put on display by (now former) Los Angeles Clippers' owner Donald Sterling. Mr. Sterling, who celebrated his 80th birthday on April 26th, apparently still had the racist mentality of the "old generation" ingrained in the marrow of his bones when he allegedly (then admitted having) told his much-younger girlfriend, ironically of Latina/Mexican origin, to not bring black people to basketball games, which included the legendary Magic Johnson.

30 12, 2013

Users are Demanding Private Messaging

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private-messagingAccording to Mashable.com private messaging has captured the attention of the most popular social media networks in the last few months. With platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram people can have hundreds of thousands of friends or followers at one time. However, users are demanding more intimacy through private messaging services. Simon-Thomas, a neuroscientist who has spent years studying human emotions and social interactions, agrees with the necessity of private messaging in social media networks. "You just have to imagine if every time you said something, instead of it being said to the people who are close to you in physical space, it was broadcast to a three block radius. [Think] how much harder it would be for you to have community."