30 04, 2013

How to Add a User to a WordPress Multisite Via Database as an Administrator

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WP_MultiSiteA while back we were given permission to host and edit a clients' website, built on Wordpress with Multisite functionality. However, for various reasons we were unable to get in touch with the previous developer who had Admin access to the sites. Since we were hosting their website and database, we at least had that. The solution then was to add a new user (us) through the back-end. The question that remained was, how? Here is what we did (Read More)

20 03, 2013

Google Reader Will Shut Down on July 1, 2013

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google-reader-not-available It's official: Google will be closing down their flagship reader, Google Reader, will permanently close down. Google made this controversial decision angering many loyal users to the platform. What's more, the "Learn More" link doesn't explain why the decision was made, but rather what to do before they shut down the service.

1 02, 2013

Get-Simple CMS – A Quick, Simple Content Management System – We Build Them

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get-simple-logo-screenWe recently came across across a unique, lightweight content management system (CMS) where all data is handled by XML files. This CMS is called Get-Simple.
Get-Simple is not as feature-rich or robust at CMSs like Wordpress or Drupal, but it's easy to set up, theme and edit. Get-Simple is relatively limited in features. However, it requires no MySQL database and is already looks like it has the basic array of materials for a CMS. It has a photo gallery, basic shopping cart, SEO plugin, custom SEO-friendly URLs, a WYSIWYG editor, an XML sitemap, a contact form, and more. It’s also very easy to theme from any HTML theme you choose. What’s more is that it loads very fast.

10 09, 2012

GoDaddy Down: Every GoDaddy Website (Over 5 Million) Taken Offline by Malicious Hacker – Major Outage

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Earlier this afternoon almost everyone everywhere began to notice their email service not working, then a variety of websites not loading. You guessed it - GoDaddy was shockingly down, and with it, likely well over 5 million websites, most of them small-business, with it.
A Twitter user immediately took credit for attacking GoDaddy's infrastructure. This incident is better known as a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. What that means in plain English is that an attack, caused by someone or something, to a computer server prevents "servicing" a request, whether it's to get email, access a website, or more.
This shocker if anything reveals a surprising truth: that anyone can get hacked, no matter the company size.

24 08, 2011

Groupon Clones – We Build Them

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The Groupon Daily Deal industry has taken the world by storm. As a result, it seems like everyone wants to be in the industry and leverage this relatively new business model. Some people want a website up quickly and leverage pre-hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions where the company takes a percentage of each sale. Normally the percentages taken from these "rental services" are 4%-10% per transaction, which can get fairly pricy after a while. Also, while there might be many neat features with a pre-hosted solution, the provider "owns" your code and personalized data. There should always be reluctance and caution when divulging sensitive client information to a third party. Also, what happens if the software provider decides to "close up shop" the next day, at the expense of the clients being hosted? Do you as a client really want to be put into such a situation?

22 07, 2010

Aloha, the HTML5 Editor, has Officially Arrived

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Aloha Editor, a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) HTML5 editor, has officially come out. It is easy to use, and features fast editing, floating menu, and support for HTML5 ContentEditable. It provides HTML5 WYSIWYG editor functionality to any website content instantaneously, allowing content editors to view changes the moment they type. Aloha

12 05, 2010

Plans for Firefox 4

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An article on Mashable featured a slideshow that described in detail what certain plans for Firefox 4 were. Some of the features seemed to mimic Google Chrome's layout and functionality, while some were newer and more innovative. Firefox has always been the one browser to appeal to both end-users and web/firefox developers alike.