Have you ever heard the expression, it’s free to get your company on page 1 of Google organically however it costs thousands of dollars to learn how to do it?

Any company can do this for themselves however it takes a lot of time and energy to do so. What makes the most business sense is to hire an on-line advertising company to do the work for you. At iRISEmedia.com we believe that every business has its niche and on-line advertising is our specialty. This is what we do all day every day.

Vehicles’ that are NOT Cheap Effective Forms of Advertising

  • Television (T.V.)
  • Radio
  • Print

The reason the above vehicles’ are not cheap effective forms of advertising is because they are very expensive and considered somewhat intrusive. There is nothing cheap about them. Traditional effective forms of advertising can range from tens of thousands of dollars a year to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Online advertising is much cheaper than the three advertising mediums referred to above and is non-intrusive. With online advertising, the web visitor is usually already “looking for” what you have to offer on the Internet or through Search Engines like Google.

When you think about it, when a company advertises through the traditional forms of advertising they’re not guaranteed perspective clients. In fact there is no way of knowing if they are prospective clients or not.

When considering cost and effectiveness through the simple use of data and metrics it really becomes a no brainer on where to invest your advertising and marketing budgets.  Bottom line, On-line advertising is considered a cheap effective form of advertising especially compared to the more traditional forms of advertising.

iRISEmedia.com is an online and social media advertising company servicing Toronto, Ontario, the GTA and all of Canada with a focus on the most powerful online advertising methods being used in the world today. The good news is that these online advertising mediums are not only more effective than traditional advertising; they are also remarkably less expensive.

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