icon_facebook1According to the Toronto Sun, eMarketer has claimed that digital media is about to pass TV viewing this year, marking the first time ever that this has happened.

This makes sense considering the number of people with smartphones checking their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN accounts daily. Jennifer Saba of Reuters cited Facebook’s claim that “one out of three people in the United States – more than 128 million – visit Facebook every day, and about 24 million in the United Kingdom do the same.”

With more than 1 billion Facebook users – at least 80% of which are “real” users – there’s no doubt that Facebook has in many ways redefined digital media content and sharing. This is noteworthy considering the trend in how larger companies utilize their advertising dollars. Considering the conversion rate Facebook users have versus T.V. users, this may signal an end to Television viewing as we know it. Traditionally, T.V. shows were viewable for free since they were supported by commercials, but if T.V. commercials become obsolete in favour of Facebook Ads/commercials…

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