Twitter is, like the internet that it runs on, nothing more than a tool, albeit a very powerful tool. If wielded properly, it can produce fantastic results, whereas if misused, it can hurt you.

Case in point: Marcus Jordan (Twitter Profile: SASBMJ), son of the legendary Michael Jordan, himself is a basketball player at UCF (University of Central Florida), already has notoriety for being related to royalty and has over 8,000 followers on Twitter. With that backing Marcus, himself only 19 years old, tweeted about losing $50,000 USD, “35k at haze” in one day. This was with reference to gambling in Las Vegas earlier that day. Marcus Jordan’s older brother, Jeffrey, and Jeffrey’s teammate, A.J. Rompza, both are 21, legally permitted to drink and gamble, and allegedly encouraged Marcus to gamble with them. As a result of the tweet, the Nevada Gaming Control Board has launched a investigation in this matter.

None of this would have ever “gotten out” if Marcus didn’t stupidly tweet the following message (since deleted – Source):

“Last night was stupid… 35k at Haze… Totals 50k something the whole day.. Damn!! Going to the pool again today.. Gotta relax!”

Marcus Jordan’s overall intelligence as well is put into question. Some other “brilliant” tweets of his:

  • “bout to head to class… what yall up today twitterworld????”
  • “I’m sick without my laptop… Goodmorning twitterworld… Let’s get better today… Do something uve never done before 2 get sumn u nevr had”
  • “WOWWWWW…. just saw the Brandon Jennings thang on lmao hilarious!!!!”
  • “#musicmonday Cee-Lo Ft 50 Cent “F*%^ You freestyle” youtube it!”

marcus jordan twitter page

With great power comes great responsibility. With Twitter, the more “noticed” you are, the more scrutiny your actions come under. Marcus Jordan’s brainless usage of Twitter has caused a media frenzy which will not be to his career advantage. While he’s already admitted that his tweet was “a mistake,” the damage has already been done. Bottom line is, when you don’t use Twitter intelligently it will come to bite you in the a**.

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