On March 2nd and 3rd DX3 took place again at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. DX3 is Canada’s largest digital marketing, digital advertising and digital retail conference and trade show. The convention brings together agencies, publishers, brands and retailers for two days of networking and education. From robots that can recognize emotions to VICE releasing a TV channel, below are DX3’s highlights of 2016.

The Future Is Here

At DX3’s Retail Collective Lab a variety of innovative companies could be found. The two highlights during this year’s Retail Collective Lab were SoftBank Robotics with their robot Pepper, and Eyeris with their recognition technology. Pepper is the first social humanoid robot that can understand and respond to human emotions. Pepper is currently used in Nescafe stores in Japan where he greets and communicates with customers. Watch the YouTube video below to learn more about Pepper.

Eyeris brought its groundbreaking emotion recognition software to DX3. Here’s how it works; let’s say a customer walks into a store and looks at a certain product and/or advertisement. The Eyeris software then tracks the customer’s gender, age, eye tracking (what he/she is looking at and for how long) and head positioning. The software can also track range of emotions that include joy, surprise, disgust, sadness, anger and fear. Could this be the future of retail/advertising?

Vice Media Launches Its Own TV Channel

During the second day of DX3 Ryan Archibal, managing director of VICE Canada, held a session about “Vice: A Model for the New Media Age” where he talked with Kate Wilkinson, events editor at Marketing Magazine. He discussed VICE, its current practices and their newly launched TV channel called Viceland. It is noteworthy that Vice started as a magazine, then a news website and now has become a TV channel. We find this interesting since most media companies nowadays try to stay away from traditional media such as TV. All of Viceland’s content will be produced in-house. Like Vice news reports, most TV shows on the channel will include controversial topics.

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3D Printing Becomes Even More Functional

Markforged, a Toronto based 3D printing company, was also present at DX3 where they presented the world’s first carbon fiber 3D printer. This new innovative 3D printer is designed to print composite materials. It is possible to print functional parts, tooling and fixtures that are 5 times stronger than products from traditional 3D printers. A fun fact for Torontarians; the Toronto Public Library actually offers 3D printers to the public. All you need to use the printers is a valid Toronto Public Library card. Please note that in order to use the printers you are required to have a 3D Printer Certification.

DX3 Highlights Toronto iRISEmedia blog

DX3 was once again filled with innovative marketing ideas and solutions. We look forward to see what 2017’s convention will bring.

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