icon_facebook1Facebook has its sights set on taking over the social media world. That is a well-known fact. Not happy about missing one of the angles that this social media tool can offer, Mr. Zuckerberg is now releasing a new feature on his Facebook site: professional skills. In a world where Instagram is used to share pictures, Vine is used to share videos and LinkedIn is used as a professional network, Facebook is moving toward controlling the entire Social Media world.

After adding the search tool on the poke page and including the use of #hashtags, now Facebook wants to help users find a job. On the “About” section of your page, you will now find “professional skills”. As you add the professional skills that match your profile, you get linked to a specific subject, making it easier for people with similar interests to find you. That was previously the major difference between Facebook and LinkedIn. The latter has this feature but it doesn’t take you anywhere. Connecting you with people according to interests may be the biggest highlight that Zuckerberg’s pages has when compared to Dan Nye and Reid Hoffman’s.

The number of recruiters accessing Facebook to look for qualified people to work with them is increasing every day. What is left to be seen is whether this new feature is permanent or just another test that Facebook is experimenting with. Either way, there is no doubt that adding a professional skills feature on the user’s page shows that Facebook has the leverage and strength to enter into any social media channel or market. Even more powerful is the fact that Facebook appears to be moving toward an all-encompassing social media channel.

The real question whenever Facebook is the topic of any conversation is: what is next?

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