Social media based login options are growing in its popularity with more websites and apps to allow online users to log in using their social media accounts. This trend is observed across various industries including retail, media, consumer brands, and entertainment. Without having to create and remember separate usernames and passwords, social-login options enable online users save time and effort in filling up the registration forms.

According to the most recent research by Gigya, the world’s largest social media channel, Facebook, is by far the most popular identity provider in North America with 53% of online users choosing to login into various websites including e-commerce websites, third party apps, blogs, etc. with their personal Facebook accounts. 27% of online users login with their Google+ (27%), Yahoo! (11%), Twitter (5%), LinkedIn (1%) and other mediums. Facebook also continues to dominate social media logins on mobile devices with 62% pf social logins.

social media login

For the app developers, Facebook created a new standard for app permissions which offers the users 2 options to log in.
Anonymous Login

If a user wants to try out an app but worry about sharing information, an anonymous login allows people to log in to apps without sharing personal information from Facebook.


Login in with Facebook

With a couple of taps, users can customize which data apps can be accessed by unchecking categories of information.
By going to your Facebook Settings -> Apps, you will see a full list of the apps that are authorized to interact with your Facebook account. Check your Facebook Settings.

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