facebook-adsThis year has been a year of changes for online advertising. The most influential social media channel has announced a big modification that will affect several rules regulating the way people promote their businesses on Facebook. Considered a critical strategy, a new mobile media advertisement plan is to be implemented, which will allow companies to send ads to users’ smartphones even when the screen is locked.

In addition, more changes are expected. Video ads are expected to be available in July; a pricing model based on cost-per-action has recently been launched; and users will soon be able to open up ads inside Facebook, without having to be redirected to a different page. All the mentioned strategies are part of an ambitious move to increase the benefits of advertising on this channel.

Facebook Ads are currently a powerful tool with a potential reach of over 1 billion users and the ability to target your ads to a very specific audience. As the changes will take effect, we expect this advertising medium to become even more powerful.

iRISEmedia is an SEO, Social Media, and Web Development company providing various targeted services in the online advertising space. Our team of social media experts can assist you with the creation and management of a successful Facebook ad campaign for your business. We are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and service companies locally and globally.

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