With the rising problem of complaints received by Facebook regarding nosy employers asking for passwords to review employees’ personal profiles and, as a result, break into an employee’s private life, Facebook unquestionably has a lot on its plate. However, it wasn’t the only Facebook’s privacy issue which was addressed last week.

Facebook had to deal with another flaw, but this time, in its privacy settings which allowed users to stalk profiles and upset Facebook users.

Privacy settings sometimes work against us. Till last week, when you added someone as a friend, you could unfriend the person only if his or her account was active. With deactivated accounts things were much more complicated. For example, users with deactivated accounts were able to activate it at any time, look through your profile and deactivate it again when you were offline. So, it gave them a freedom to stalk users’ profiles. This is something we don’t want to happen to us especially if it concerns our privacy.

Since then, according to ZDNet, Facebook responded quickly to this privacy issue and fixed the problem, although, it’s still unclear how it works.

Therefore, since we are not clearly aware of how this Facebook privacy issue is being handled or how Facebook is resolving other flaws that are slowly coming to light, we shouldn’t ignore privacy settings. In particular, if someone sends you a request to add him or her to a friends’ list, think twice before you click the accept button. For security’s sake it is safest to connect only with people that you know.

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