Recently, Facebook introduced Lead Ads, a simplified way for your target audience to learn more about your products and volunteer their contact information. Lead Ads are a great way for consumers to quickly sign up for more information or request more after viewing a brands ad on their feed. Facebook automatically adds the users contact information to the form based on what they have already provided on their Facebook profile. The contact information acquired can be used to create Custom Audiences, grow inbound inquiries and capture lead information.

Facebook Lead Ads – SurveyCompare Example

Those who see the brands Lead Ad will be presented with a form to fill out. Once they have clicked the call-to-action button that is embedded in the form, their information will be shared with the company. The best part of this feature is that the entire process takes place without ever leaving Facebook and is entirely mobile friendly. Keep reading to learn how to create Facebook Lead Ads and the most effective way to use them.

Facebook Lead Ads – Eversify Example

How to Create Facebook Lead Ads

Privacy Policy

If you do not already have a privacy policy set up on your website, your company will need to create one in order to use Lead Ads. A privacy policy is a legal disclosure that informs consumers about how you collect data from them and what you plan to do with the data. Since these Lead Ads involve acquiring personal data from their users, Facebook requires this privacy policy by placing restrictions on how the data is used. For example, you are not allowed to share or sell the data to others and there are certain restrictions on the questions your company is allowed to ask.

Picking your Targets

If you have created any type of ad on Facebook previously, this step will be second nature to you. The process for creating a Lead Ad is identical to creating any other ad except you will select “collect leads for your business” as the objective of the campaign. Selecting your target audience means that you are choosing the people who will be seeing your ad. Therefore, you want to select a target audience that has similar demographics and interests to your target industry. In addition, you will be able to choose when the ads will run and how much you wish to spend per ad.

Facebook Lead Ads – Collect Leads

Creating the Form

Creating your first Lead Form might take some time initially, but for future ads you can just duplicate an already existing one and build on it. After determining the Lead Form name, you will have to select what information you wish to acquire. Although Facebook provides a wide range of options, try to only choose the most important as you don’t want the form to be too long or seem too invasive. The most important and popular pieces of information your brand should acquire is the user’s name and their email. This is already information the user has provided on their Facebook profile so it will make completing the contact form an easy and quick process.

Facebook Lead Ads – User Information

Next, you will add your privacy policy and website URL to the Lead Form. Lastly, Facebook allows you to add a context card to your Lead Ad. This context card gives you the opportunity to describe your offering and entices the user to click the call to action button. Once that is completed you must select “Create Form” followed by “Place Order” and you Lead Ad will run!

Facebook Lead Ads – Context Card

How Social Media Marketers can Use Lead Ads

One of the greatest benefits that Lead Ads provide is that it is an incredibly easy way to increase the size of your email distribution list. Once they have signed up through the Lead Ad you can begin to reach them through email to provide updates and promotions. In addition, you can advertise these promotions, product launches, discounts, or coupons through the Lead Ad and have the user sign up in exchange.

Facebook Lead Ads is an innovative way for businesses to collect information and provides an accessible way for users to offer up their information. Now, whenever someone sees something they might be interested in, they can easily sign up for updates. The best part is it is mobile-friendly and Facebook does most of the work by filling in information they already have recorded.

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