It’s finally here and it didn’t take too long. The movie about Facebook, called “the Social Network,” is being released in October. Can you believe this? Facebook is barely a few years old and already a block-buster movie has been made about it! The Social Network essentially describes how Facebook started out in a Harvard College dorm room by a geeky kid by the name of Mark Zuckerberg. Mark was rejected by practically all of the social clubs on campus and was looking for a way to “fit in”. And boy did he end up “fitting in”. He creates a Social Media Community platform first called Face Mash within his university which just grew and grew and grew. This Platform which ends up morphing into Facebook creates the following ensuing facts which the film covers:

  • Lawsuits by fellow Harvard students claiming that he ripped off the idea from them and was now profiting from their alleged ingenuity to create FaceMash, a precursor to Facebook
  • Making a few enemies out of formerly close friends
  • One of his friends/cofounders sues him for $600 million
  • Creating a platform that from the start generated 22,000 user hits  the first 2 days of its existence, leading to well over 500 million registered users in 6 years, and
  • Becoming a self-made billionaire in the process.

Suffice to say, this movie will be interesting to see from a box-office perspective, comparing how many people went and watched the movie versus the amount of user profiles on Facebook.

To note, it’s nothing short of amazing in terms of the speed, and the short amount of time, in which Mark Zuckerberg was able to garner such a following.  Just 7 years ago he was a dorky kid on campus with no future.

To emphasize how quickly Facebook grew, I’d like to share a true and hilarious story that happened at a previous online marketing company I had worked for. In 2005, one of the sales representatives, Dwayne, had attempted to reach Mark Zuckerberg when Facebook was still “theFacebook.” Dwayne had tried selling Mark Zuckerberg Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click Ads to market Mark, at the time a 20-year-old kid, challenged Dwayne with all sorts of questions. After dealing Dwayne with tons of PPC (Pay Per Click) questions (and overall some questions on whether or not the company even knew what it was doing), Mark Zuckerberg ended his hour-long call with the pissed-off sales rep by stating, in a condescending manner,  “Listen buddy…we already have a marketing plan and we know what we’re doing,” and hung up. This was merely 5 years ago. As it turned out, he actually knew what he was doing. The rest is history my friends…”like” or “unlike”.

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