Many at Facebook see Facebook as a successor to Google in many ways. While the search engine in Facebook has been unstable and currently is no threat to Google at this very moment, Facebook has “declared war” by unleashing it’s “Open Graph Search Engine,” which will be a “social semantic search engine.” What this means in plain English is that when a user types in a phrase on the search engine on top, not only will Facebook pages and users show up in the results, but even non-Facebook websites will show up!

facebook pages

Notice how certain webpages are embedded in the search results, not just Facebook pages.

This is scary as Facebook is gaining more and more registered users by the moment. As of this writing there are well over 450 million registered users, and things are happening on the platform every second.

Another tactic of Facebook has been to hire former Google executives, such as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Bret Taylor, Chief Operations Officer (COO) Sheryl Sandberg, Advertising VP David Fischer and Communications VP Elliot Schrage, among others. Most recently, Facebook lured away Matt Papakipos, the leader and main architect of Google Chrome Linux OS, as well as VMWare Vice President Jocelyn Goldfein and placed them onto its engineering team. It has recently been on a hiring rampage, hiring executives from Google to Pixar.

Time will tell whether Facebook‘s hiring top of executives from other companies in order to challenge Google turns out successfully, or if it turns into a failure like Cuil quickly became. However, there is no question that the war has begun.

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